Don't forget a set of traffic cones on your trucks!

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    There are several LARGE factory HQ's that have very STRICT safety polices. INCLUDING the use of a hard hat R.O.P.S fully engaged, safety vests etc. If seen with out the contract is null and void. Ask Brickman as this is what happened to them. Also in the event of an accident either your truck gets hit or your worker gets hit by the truck ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD (ANY ROAD) if you don't not have ample warning of your presence (Cones/Strobes etc)
    YOU can be on the hook for the wreck or in a really bad event even charged with a serious charge, if you have the warning devices in place NO one but the driver causing the wreck is on the hook. At the very least you should all be worried about how much time it takes, think of all the time you'll need explain why miss Jones son is in the ER because JOEBLOW didn't see you at dusk...

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    i use cones when i'm working off a main road. had somebody run one over last week. most larger companies i worked for in the past, saftey cones were a requirement and you could put your job on the line buy not using them... even if it was 50 times a day! You get used to it.
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    I finally got a new set this season. For the first time I'm actually having to take care of my traffic cones. Makes quite a difference if you're out on the curb at dusk.

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