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Don't Forget the Hustler Flex Forks !!

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Flex Fork's !!

These are optional front caster forks that replace production mounted forks.

The Flex Forks provide a smoother ride by utilizing a Hustler exclusive suspension design.

We use a torsion spring proven in the trailer industry for durability and simplicity.

This is a tremendous product to offer not only for new customers but existing owners of Hustler products that are looking for a smoother ride.

Each kit includes two Flex Forks.

The Flex Forks for each model family will fit any unit ever produced.

Hustler Z/ Super Z Flex Fork Kit 799270 MSRP $199.

Mini Z/ Super Mini Z Flex Fork Kit 600213 MSRP $199.

Fastrak/ Mini Fastrak Flex Fork Kit 799288 MSRP $199.

Cat Diesel Super Z Flex Fork Kit 600890 MSRP $199.

Shipping / installation charges may also apply.

Check with your dealer for your exact price.

Kits DO NOT include tires or any hardware.

Flex Forks come with a two year warranty.

We DO NOT recommend using Flex Forks with the Hustler Bac-Vac or any other grass collection systems.

It has been determined that Flex Fork Kit 799288 is not compatible on the Mini FasTrak 36 as the fork will contact the the deck lift arm when it casters around.
Flex Fork Kit 600213 is not compatible on the Mini Z 36 as the tire will contact the deck lift arm when the fork is flexed to its maximum position.

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