Don't Hate...Collaborate (With Your Competition)

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Sean Adams, Aug 20, 2013.

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    We rely on subs/strategic partners everyday. We use a sub contract form our lawyer provided that lays out all the ground rules (insurance, payments, non solicit etc...). Like a previous poster said, a lot of our subs are former employees.

    On a different but related note, read an article recently about strategy and strategic vision in business. Back in the 1960's, Nike's laser focused vision was "crush Adidas". They were the big boy on the block at the time and Nike wanted to take them down. I think having a David vs Goliath mentality can be a good motivator - as long as it doesn't spill over into bad mouthing the competition to potential customers.

    At the end of the day, no one owns a customer. You have to work hard everyday to earn someone's business. If a customer leaves your company for another - better look in the mirror.
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    I think most legitimate companies respect and show some consideration towards other "legitimate companies" I think the problem comes in with all the surge of people doing it for quick money, under the table payments to avoid paying for things like child support, claiming taxes or earnings so they can collect welfare and soc security disability without showing an income. I have atleast 4 other companies in my area that I talk to regularly.
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    I have great relationships wirh most of the other lawn and snow operators here.
    In winter, I sub out my snow hauling as we dont have a dump truck or trailer yet.
    This summer I want to offer weed control but do not have a industrial applicator license, so I am looking to sub out. The pickle I am in right now is that the biggest and best one in town has even more obvious truck decaling than me, and with the growth I am planning and executing over the next two years, I am quite weary about having neighbours, clirnts, etc see his trucks. I am hoping I can find someone with unmarked trucks that I can require my magnets on when doing my work.
    Whats all of y'alls opinion on this?

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