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    My backpack sprayer is very ancient and the straps finally broke the other day. Where would you buy straps at? Or should I just go out and buy a new sprayer? Thanks for the help guys!
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    Welcome to lawnsite. Just so you know, a thread is what you created, a forum is what you posted in, and yes, you have the right forum.

    If the sprayer still sprays well, and otherwise works fine, I would try lesco for the straps. You could also look up the manufacturer online and call them directly.

    As a last resort, if the rest of the strap is ok, and it just broke, mabye you (or someone you know) could repair it by sewing a short piece of strap over the break.

    If all else fails, a new BP is arould $80 at lesco.
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    What you don't have any duct tape? Seriously, go to any fabric store and the girls there will help you find some nylon web belt, and show you how to fasten it, and probably find the buckles to go with it.
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    :laugh: Duck Betch it would work though!:waving:
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    I broke the plastic end pieces to my straps (not the fabric) and I have since zip tied them to the metal frame. Been working great for weeks. I bet a new set of the straps (probablly can't just by one) is going to run between 15-25 bucks...third the cost of a new one.

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