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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by walters lawn, Apr 27, 2002.

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    hi to all my lawn mowing friends. I am just geting in to this bissness. i have 5 yards that i do now. i have a full time job that is a good job but i am thinking of giving it up to mow full time i think i can make more mowing than i am at my 40hr week job. i love to mow and be outside i just got my first z its a husqvarna 18hp 42" cut i love it. it cut my mowing time in half. i have shirts and hats with my logo on them. and i have lots of flyers made up (that i did at my other job lol). I just dont know if i should quit my job and go fulltime. i do a lot of landscaping and just went into bissness with my dad we bought 4 greenhouses and are opening a garden center.
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    Stay with your other job as long as possible, or look for a job with oppisite hours.

    Wait untill you have enough work for yourself and one employee, then think about going fulltime. That way you'll have your employees income to fall back on if things don't continue to grow.

    I've just reached that point myself. It's going to be hard telling my help I'm going to be cutting his hours in half, but it should help us out in the long run.
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    Why not merge your lawn mowing bissiness with the greenhouse and garden center bissiness. Just an idea.

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