Don't Let Holiday Shipping Gobble Up Your Snow Stakes

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    Thanksgiving can be tricky in regards to shipping. It is one of the busiest times of the year for shopping, travel and delivery. Here are a couple things to keep in mind while planning your driveway markers order.
    First off, Thanksgiving is on a Thursday. So let’s say you order next Tuesday or beyond, your stakes may not come until the following week. So a simple 2 business day delivery, will in fact be a full week and will feel like even longer. This is because depending on the area you are located, UPS may be short staffed. Also, depending on their staffing, they may not consider the day after Thanksgiving a shipping day.
    Secondly, the shear volume of business during this time clogs the system. In a study, UPS found that items have a 60% higher chance of a delay during Thanksgiving week in November over any other time. It is go time right now for staking your properties, make sure you get ahead of it and place your order now!
    Lastly, it is a critical time for snow removal contracts to get their ducks in a row in preparing to service their accounts the right way. These are the last few weeks before the weather changes it up on us and winter is here. Be prepared and don’t leave your snow stake order until the last minute.

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