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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by fjay5272, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. fjay5272

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    Beware of where you get your advice on here.

    I'm new to the business, not the business but the working for myself side of it. Therefore 99.9% of the time im just reading posts trying to learn from others. The rest is asking the occasional question i do not find the answer to on here or bitching a bit in my lco network section. I think ive posted advice once just because referred to a recent experience of mine in cutting a corner with a mediocre piece of equipment rather than bucking up and putin a lil more cash down.

    That being said, since I have read so much on here since becoming a member, and even more before i became one, i've noticed at times certain posters who say they are new and then post a ton of advice. And its all over short spans, IE. 100 or 200 posts under there belt and averaging upwards of 25 a day and almost all advice.

    I bring this up because in these cases it seems to be a fad. They are new to the business yet in their time on here of about 10 days they have posted a whole lot of "advice." They found a business they wanted to get into and after two weeks became experts.

    Which since I read so much on I notice this and know who to really listen to and who to ignore, but someone viewing casually to pick up a quick fact or two doesnt know this. So check the profile and see whats going on, check there past posts and see the responses they get from the Lawn Site Senior Members, you will be able to tell real fast if their oppinion is respected.

    As for those who I'm telling other start-ups that are like myself to avoid, comment less, focus more on what you know, and you won't have to eat your words. If you have a 45 estimates under your belt, when someone asks for how they should estimate something keep your mouth shut. You may know what you would give an estimate as but you are probably wrong so don't lead them astray. I've done 100 estimates and that is flat out nothing. Everytime I do one I find out a mistake I made or I could have made for cash here, saved more there etc. Luckily I have someone who after running their own company for 8 years and has networked well to the point that others will toss him 200 bucks to go to commercial cuts and largerscale landscaping estimates for them because of his sales reputation and abilities to ask advice from. Those are the people(and there are more than enough experienced folks on this site) who should be giving advice in such departments.

    Basically I'm saying don't give advice too a newby(myself included) if your a newby yourself unless you know for sure what your talking about. Because your guess can really screw them over if you are wrong and they listen to you.

    I guess that was kinda long but it was bothering me and needed to be said, but I'll shut up now because at 3 at nite I've finally realized 7am is coming way too soon.
  2. GardnerLandscaping

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    Thanks for the advice. You're probably refering to me specifically. :)

    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one though who has done it. I guess I'm excited and what to share my fresh experiences as a starter with other starters. I guess I also want to hear the same from other people starting out to see how they are facing the same issues.

    The hardest thing about starting out is knowing that you don't know and what you have to do in order to put together less than ideal resources and experience together to compete.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Not sure if he was referring to you but you fit the profile, I have followed your posts and have even posted for others to ignore what you have written. You are a danger to others on here for real life advice and are a danger to yourself when you go against laws enacted to protect the public and the applicator. Do yourself and everyone else a favor- sit back and read what is out here, but most of all LEARN . In 5 years come back and tell of your knowledge thru experience. If you truly follow the "wisdom" you preach you will be out of business in 6 months, Fine by us but not OK if you take others with you because of your posts.
  4. topsites

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    Sometimes I get frustrated from the advice posted here also, but just as much for the reasons mentioned thus far as the exact opposite and others as well. I think everybody is different, what works for one of us may or may not work for me or you (cauz maybe we do it wrong lol).

    Second, the forum is free, you get what you pay for but even the books you can buy aren't that much better, again it has to do with whether their advice suits your style (or not).

    Some folks here do post a lot, I do. I like doing it, after a year or so I am not sure why but it excites me in a way, plus some may think it helps boost their status (i.e.: silver, bronze, platinum, which of course it doesn't but we didn't know that (only time affects seniority here, I think). Then, some of us have bad days, it happens.

    Although one bad piece of advice can be bad for all of us, you gotta use your own brain first and maybe you didn't read it right but also, maybe it was intended to be taken as a way NOT to do things. And you get your occasional spammer or true clown, but I find the admins here do an excellent job at weeding out the truly undesirable while they are quite tolerant of the rest of us, this is still one of the best forums I have ever found on the Internet.
  5. stumpjumper

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    One of the best things i caught on to here was to check the posters profile before accepting their advice as fact. I was amazed at how vociferous some of the new guys were in their opinions and some have an opinion on any subject. The only advice i am comfortable giving at this point is to refer the new guy to a post that helped me. Education and business courses are great, but i have always believed that there is no substitute for experience.
  6. GardnerLandscaping

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    There is no one right answer. Every situation is different.

    Sharing and reading what others say is part of the process. The people that share are the most valuable.

    True, if I listened to the loophole to pesticide, I would probably be followed to my 1 yard for the day, maybe the 1 yard for that week, and fined for putting roundup in my uncle's driveway. The judge would find out I have about 300K in debt and have no income or savings. Then, I would bring out the wage discrimination investigation with a past state employer where I received minimum state pay raises, have written and signed reviews where I was criticized for my disability, and bring out my long list of achievements and awards. I would also bring out the hiring discrimination cases where I was the only qualified candidate.

    And even for myself, what works now will definitely be different when I have better resources and experience. And what will work then definitely will not work now because of my resources and experience.

    In the stock market, there is an expression, "Always do your own research."

    Fortunately, in this industry, I can work for myself, not have to depend on a PITA, and allow hard work and honesty pan out.
  7. StBalor

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    That's what it's all about. Someone asks a question, and people reply. Just read all the replies and figure out which works for you best.
    Not everyones reply will be the right 1. But when you get multiple same replies, the advice should be good.
  8. fjay5272

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    While you were semi-included, I wasn't singling you out, theres others.
    Nor was I trying to slam anyone. Just wanted to point out that its a good idea to check peoples previous posts and the responses they got before jumping on their bandwagon. Being new to owning my own company the one thing i've learned is everyone has there own oppinion on what you should do. Though its my final decision I still like to get as much advice as possible to help me out, I just pick and chose from who and where....mostly because I'm overtly anal and am willing to go through and look at a 100 of someones previous posts and how others responded to it before even considering there advice.

    I forgot what my point was....o well
  9. Jnamo

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    The minute you think you know something more or don't need to listen to someone with 10 posts you will be humbled my friend. If you don't like someones advice, ignore it. If it sounds good, use it. This is not that complicated and you should be sleeping instead of writing such foolish things. (just my opinion! take it or leave it) Jeff
  10. PMLAWN

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    I am sorry, but i have to ask-- What are you talking about??

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