DON'T Need Ferterlizer Lincense in Florida

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Victo, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Victo

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    Hey guys....I just found out that you don't need a ferterlizer license in Florida for you to apply to customers lawn. However, you do need a license If you sell fertilizer with your company name appearing on the fertilizer bag and/or label as "guarantor", you will need to purchase a "Fertilizer License" from the Bureau of Compliance Monitoring (
  2. Ric

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    You can get around the Fert license if the label says "Victo Blend of Lesco". Basically Nurseries and other retailer can purchase 4 ton lots of a special blend and have the manufacture list the name as Your blend. They are still listed on the bag as Manufactures and hold the License.
  3. Brianj

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    i have never heard of such, when i went to limited license class, they guy said i had to work under somebody who had their full license for 3 years before i could even take the test in the to get licensed
  4. A.T.A.K

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    Your info is wrong you do need a license in FL to apply fert. I would check your info a little better. If you are applying the customers fert & using there equipment and not charging then no you do not. If you do any of the above in FL, you will need a license.
  5. Ric

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    No Sir You are Wrong. I am a Licensed Pesticide Applicator in the state of Fla. and I believe I know the Law. Straight Fertilizer Doesn't need a special License to apply it. Combo Products Like Weed & Feed Does Require a License.
  6. philk17088

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    Why is everyone so afraid of the license?????????????
    There is more threads and posts of people trying to skirt the liscense law. Everybody here should take their business to the next level.Be professional,get certified. It can only help your business.
    If it was up to me, you'd need a liscense to buy and apply ANY product.
  7. CuttingCrew

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    I agree Phil!
  8. Hamons

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    One problem is in FL it is not as easy as just take the test -- from what I gather you have to work for anonther company for a couple years AND then take the test. The test is VERY dificulkt -- compared to other states tests.

    Althoug I am in agreement -- everyone should be fully certified and I wish most states had tougher qualifications -- but -- that is why it s such a big issue for some people.
  9. Tvov

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    In a lot of states you are allowed to apply fertilizer without a license. Most licensing relates to pesticides. Of course, if you apply fertilizer, most customers expect you to also apply weed killer.
  10. Green Dreams

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    Don't f*** with Ric. He's the man. I was bitchin at the lesco guys today for selling scrubs pesticides. There is no law against it but it still ain't right...

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