Don't realize how good a Quick 36 is untill you try others

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hwew, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. hwew

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    Well let me explain what happened in one week.

    Last week I purchased a Quick 36 and I felt it was great on cutting, maneuvering, trimming and more.

    But I had problems in ditches. It was hard to control.
    So I decided to return it and that is what I did.

    No problems on returning it. No friction from everyone there. They were sorry that I was not pleased with it. Just a great group of people. And I said to them we might do business again.

    Well I had a whole week to try others.
    The list is as follows:
    Toro T-handle 36" Belt
    Scag 36" Belt
    Exmark 36" Metro Belt
    Gravley 36" Belt Pro Handle
    Wright 36" Velkie Quad Lever Hydro
    Ferris Hydrocut 32

    What I found out was none of these including the Ferris Hydrocut 32 could maneuver like the Quick 36. The Quick 36 was the best period on delicate trimming around flower beds and tight cutting work.
    I realized that the Quick 36 has saved me so much time on the yards that I take care of.

    I also realized that I made a big mistake returning the Quick 36.

    So I decided to call Better Outdoor Products and see if they still have my Quick 36 there to buy back.

    Well I got the news they were sorry but it was sold.

    I don't think I could of felt worse when I heard the news of it being sold.
    But then I was told if I would like to buy another new machine it is available.
    I just won't be able to return it this time.

    I was there the next day and purchased another.
    This one will be with me on all my mowing jobs.
    For me it is the best walk behind mower I have found for the small tight yards and up to the half acre lots that I have.

    To me it is a great all in one walk behind mower.

    Oh on mowing the ditches. I now use the 21" walk behind and line trimmer.

    Ever try pulling a Gravley Belt 36" out of a Ditch? Never Again.

    I cannot thank the folks enough at Better Outdoor Products for allowing me a second chance on purchasing another.
  2. ferdinand711

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    Lucky you! by the way, what model of quick 36 were you talking about because I am thinking of getting one myself.
  3. Tn Lawn Man

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    How much did they pay you to say all of that?
  4. jameson

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    Hey, El Toro, one might ask you the same ?...:dancing:
  5. siclmn

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    My BS meter registered at about a 60. You happen to live driving distance from them so maybe this happened. But most of us live thousands of miles from the factory so it's still a mail order machine with no local dealers who stock parts on hand. No thanks.
  6. grass disaster

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    sounds fishy

    you must have a brother or something that works there...right?
  7. GPDesign1

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    I can attest that there's nothing fishy about this story. We all thought at the time it was kinda unusual, but now in hindsight I understand.

    This gentleman had never owned any brand of commercial walk-behind so he came in with his eyes wide open. Bought a Quick 36 Samurai, used it a couple of days and then started second guessing his purchase. He wanted to try out everything else on the market to make sure he was getting the best mower for his money. Over the next week, that's pretty much what he did!!! You saw the list... :laugh:

    Coulda knocked me down with a donut when he called back and apologized. Unfortunately we had sold his machine the day after he returned it, so we pulled another Kawi out of the rack, prepped it and did the delivery. He's genuinely happy with his mower (and now he knows why) and we're proud to have him as one of our customers. Thanks for your business "H" and thanks for the testimonial.:drinkup:

    Only a few days left on our (Reduce Your) Labor Day Sale!:cool2:

    Jameson: Thanks a BUNCH for the pictures! You're the man! (Have you seen the revised homepage?)

    Now... I'm takin' my one day vacation. :walking:

  8. nobagger

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    If I land this condo job I am looking into buying 2 or 3 of the Samuri's. My 36" Exmark is a great machine but its a belt drive and there are way too many hills to contend with. When is Better Quick comming out with a floating deck?
  9. WJW Lawn

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    I purchased a Samurai at the start of the season...and will NEVER EVER EVER buy another 36" Walk Behind from anyone OTHER than Better! It simply is an awesome machine that I would recommend to anyone! Another thing I like about the that they have the best customer service I have EVER experienced. Also...last time I checked...Toro's president doesn't come here and chat with us working guys, but Gary...who is the main man at Better chats here all the time as you can see. So...combine the fact that the Quick is a awesome machine....with the fact that Gary (THE MAN!) at Better comes here to chat with us...and that's the reason that Better will ALWAYS have my business.
  10. Isenberg94

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    Someone had a good point. How do you get the machines serviced? I'm not exactly handy and may need a mechanic. Can my local mower shop work on them?

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