Don't remember it being this way last year.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by 205mx, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. 205mx

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    The last few years, I don't remember the competition being so flooded with (minivans, illegals, joe mow and blows, lofted trucks with residential tags, etc...) new guys. Is it just because they are usually out be August?

    I'm not really complaining because I have plenty of work, just an observation.
  2. grandview (2006)

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    As long as HD keeps having 0% financing on mowers ,you'll keep getting new guys cutting.
  3. DavidsonLandscaping

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    This drives me crazy. I always have a add on craigslist. I have my customers, but having more isn't a bad thing. What I can't stand, there's two guys on my side of the state that are willing to travel up to 30 miles from there location willing or advertising lawns cut for $25. How do they do this? Just mow, trim and blow. On mileage, fuel cost and equipment repair how do they stay afloat. Add says been servicing for the last 25 years family owned. Another is doing the same thing more local for $18. Going rate is min of $25-$35 around here. I lost a customer last year to one of these guys. Was charging $40 for mow, trim, blow, including taking the debre. Customer wanted it done for less, I couldn't. Got replaced by the $25 guy. Showed up every other week to cut, missed spots, didn't do a fall clean up. Didn't even plow during the winter. I watched her shovel out her driveway this winter by herself. Felt bad for her, I wasn't going to help. I was waiting for her to ask, never happened. Hope she learned paying the cheap guy always comes with a price.
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  4. 205mx

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    Agreed. I feel out numbered this year thiugh
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  5. jsslawncare

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    It's that way every year. And, they be gone by middle of June!

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    We have already spotted about ten new companies in our area, not including the guys with mowers in the trunk of the car
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  7. lawnprosteveo

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    This is my eleventh year in the business. There always have been and always will be the new guys charging peanuts to mow.
    My opinion is they either learn they need to charge more in order to survive and end up learning the business...or they fade away within a season or two because, at the prices they charge, its just not sustainable.
    Meanwhile, I and other lawn business men and women remain.
  8. dKoester

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    You got that right!
  9. 32vld

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    This is what I was going to say soon as I saw this thread. This is nothing new. this happens every year.

    Good or bad economy people that want to start a business give Landscaping a try for it is an opportunity to start up a business when they do not have a lot of cash.

    A car with a trunk big enough and a back strong enough to lift the family mower in and out of the trunk. Scape enough money together to buy a line trimmer and an a hand held blower a guy is a LCO.

    You may not like hearing this. Remember all of the posts here where members recall the good old days when they started out that way years ago.

    Best action to take is ignore the new guys and market towards the good customers not the price shoppers.

  10. Country Club Lawnscapes

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    I don't worry about things that I can't control. Ignore them and keep doing what you are doing everything else will fall into place.

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