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    30 year roadway life? Hmm, we must be doing something wrong, because we're getting more like 70 :)

    We use more than just rejuvinators; we rate our roads and curb/gutter annualy based on PCI/CCI (Pavement/Curb condition index). We have a detailed pavment deteroriation curve based on our pavement sections and our local conditions, including climate, subgrade, etc. We specifiy different mixes, different binders, different joint sealers and compaction tests depending on the roadway and expected traffic. We count cars to make sure we know which mix to use. We stay up on current training and industry standards, we have on site inspection and testing.

    I agree that rejuvinators are not a cure-all. In my (semi) profesional opinion, they are the best solution for newer asphalt drives. They are not a cure-all, I would not use them exclusivley, they are just another tool in the pavement maintence box that can be used to get the design life (30 years) and then some from a pavement section.
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    More like 30? Is this the life of a rip out and replace and numerous resurfacing without other maintenace? I mean no crack fill, small hole patch, transition fill, sealing, and infared patch. I doubt it. I don't doubt that you know paving but you obviously don't push maintenace which is way more cost effective for business owners and homeowners alike. If the maintenace is does right than it obviousley means out of business for a lot of short sighted old school paving companies. Not that you are this way but just saying.
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    We'll rejuvinate one-3 times in years 1-8ish, crack seal and slurry seal as needed in through the first 15-20 years or so, then resurface around year 15-25. After that, start over-you can usually get about 3 cycles of this before the base and curb need replaced. Our cycle/schedule is different for bigger roadways, but then again so is the pavement section, materials and traffic. Plus we do pavement cores, subgrade treatments, etc when building a new road or reconstructing an older one. We plan our other infrastructure work (sewers, water main, etc.) with the roadway work so we dont resurface then rip it up in 4 years for a new line.

    I get what you're saying that some driveway contractors would push residents in a way to generate more business than better treatments for the homeowner. I always get a kick out of the young kids coming to my door in the summer saying "O we are just around the corner at a neighbors house and we noticed your driveway needs sealed!" Always fun to quiz them on asphalt and watch them get real confused and nervous, stubmle through some answers and then walk away defeated!
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    You would probably look at me the same way if I came to your door. Except for the fact that I have never knocked on a door because all of our business is from people calling in. Unfortunately there is a lot those guys around that are like that. There is nothing wrong with people going door to door though as long as are using good product and know what they are talking about. But I haved done regular maintenace on roads, parking lots, and driveways that have been sealed at least a couple of times and maintained that have never been resurfaced or repaved in over 20 years that are in excellent condition. The only asphalt that I have seen that needs to be resurfaced or dug up and redone have been the ones that were not pout in right from the start or haven't been sealed, crack filled, and patched when needed.
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    Right-proper maintenance is key. Most of roads that get reconstructed have subgrade problems-moisture, organic soils, etc. Regular maintenace helps roads last much longer, just like changing the oil in the car.

    As for those that come door to door, most of them seem to know enough to sell their product but not much more than that. There are some great driveway contractors out there, but also some duds. The drive on my home was done before I bought it, but whoever did it sure knew what they were doing-its in near mint condition.
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    Door to door is bad on the image of your company...I manage ashalt jobs from start to finish and do not recommend sealcoat until after at least 2 years to my customers.. Then seal no earlier than 3 years when its done again... To much sealer and the asphalt does not absorb it and it lays on the top being ineffective and cracking and flaking off. Sealer is not just for cosmetic look but to help keep the liguid in the asphalt...once asphalt dries out the stones begin to flake and the drive comes apart....
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    I did the door to door thing the begining of last season and it was one of the best decisions i could have made.

    There was this one dead end road in particular approximately two miles long with numerous $400,000.00 to $700,000.00 houses on it. The first drive on that road was nice 16400 sq/ft drive running up a slight grade that was visible from the entry up to the garage doors. I had so many people stopping to talk to me that at lunch time i left and got one of the real estate flyer boxes and put my information in it and placed it on my barricades at the end of the drive. I was doing sealing jobs on that road two and three times a week for an entire month and a half. Not only that but i also did two huge concrete and paver sealing jobs and did crack repairs on three in-ground swimming pools. I also did roof coating jobs on several horse stables located on that road.

    The truth is i had almost didnt stop at that first drive because of the possibility of the people who owned the house thinking i was a door knocker who probably didnt know what he was doing.
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    You need to order the proper mix

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    I'd like to see a pic of 45 year old black top in good shape?
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    I would like to see it also.

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