Dont seal it???????????????????

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by 21eagle, Sep 17, 2010.

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    He's using oil base or gilsonite. Not an actual sealer. So its not 12 layers of sealer. The stuff he puts down makes the driveway shiny and lasts as long as it takes for the check to clear.

    I don't know why they still call it sealer when its not actually a sealer. Its a colorant.

    Its like telling someone you're going to paint their deck and you use dyed water and tell them its just as good as paint.

    I'm not knocking oil base. I'm knocking people who try to sell it as something that its not.
    Telling people having their driveway sprayed with gilsonite is as good or better than having it sealed.

    I can't tell you how many people get ripped off when these oil sprayers come through the area.

    I talk to the customers later and find out they paid MORE for that then they would have paid to have the driveway sealed.

    Its not a bad gig for the contractor. The profits are huge. Very little investment. You only need a small tank because the coverage rate is 7-10 times the coverage of sealer per gallon.

    And uneducated customers will pay the same or more for it.
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    Yea, that would be a better word for it...a "colorant".

    The customers just want it for cosmetic purposes, usually before a party.

    I started upselling it as a cosmetic solution instead of pressure washing when my customers property needs to look its best.

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