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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by dlandscaping, Jun 26, 2004.

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    There is a messed up driveway but that is irrelevant. 18" from each side of the driveway is railroad tines 1' x 1'. One side is 93' and the other is 79'. Every 8 ft there is a railroad tie that is 3' long, meaning 2' of it are sticking into the ground. These need to be taken out. I am not sure of laws about the dumping of these but if there is no where to dump them, he said move them into his back yard. A foot high retaining (its not retaining anything) wall needs to be put it its place. I was thinking about 2 8" high stones with a 2" top stone, burying the bottom stone 6". What kind of stones would you suggest for this, are they that much different from regular retaining wall stones. What kind of support system would you use so the top stones dont topple over since they dont have a backing. The stones run about $5 for a foot long one. We have a bobcat, dump trailer, dump truck and an employee who built around 100' of 4' high retaining walls at his house. We have some knowledge about walls, but are not sure how to do one like this. I am assuming we will need a permit for the length of the wall. 1500 for the stones, then we need $100 for the cement glue, and an unknown amount for paver base and back fill. The rest is labor. Would an appropiate bid based upon <$500 dump fee for this job be $5,000. Is that to low or should I give a range, of $5500 - $6500.

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    I'd give a range, or leave the unknowns as variables, at least.

    An example in my line of work:

    Remove large oak tree -$2000 plus crane fees.

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