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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnInOrder, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. LawnInOrder

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    i was on my last house(3 houses in a row). I mowed and then trimmed all the house. Then i got my blower off my rig and started to blow. i then realized a missed a little strip of grass. So i then had to go back to rig pick up the trimmer and then walk back to the house. Of course the house that needed the trimming was the farthest away. I went to the backyard where it need trimming and tapped the head to extend the line and it was empty. So i walked back to the rig to get more line, then realized i didn;t have any with me. Had to go back home and then come back to finish. I am deff gunna buy extra heads and keep them on me from now on. just hate it when that happens.LawnInOrder
  2. G.M.Landscaping

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    Why didn't you just get the mower and get the strip you missed? Oh nevermind, you'd probably run out of gas as soon as you got to that strip.:laugh:
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Two things that tick me off at myself is when the mower runs out of gas and it is always the farthest point in the yard from the trailor, second is when Im weedeating and run out of line when you lack about 30 seconds of being threw and once again farthest away from the truck. Have to walk back, reload the weedeater then walk back to the last 30 seconds you lack. Got to where I start at the farthest point and work my way back:laugh:Was doing an account one time, closest store was 10 miles away and run out of gas and lacked about 5 minutes being threw. I always have a can of gas with me but had left it at the shop this day. I decided to go ahead and finish it with the weedwhacker and cussed myself every step. Instead of 5 minutes with the mower took me over 20 minutes to finish.
  4. Jerry and Sons

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    As silly as it sounds I carry trimmer string in my back pocket, to eliminate the LONG walk back. As for the fuel ALL equipment is fueled the night before. No if ands or buts!!!!!
  5. LawnInOrder

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    the strip of grass i was talking about needed to be weedwacked. I forgot to weedwack it when i was in the backyard. I carry both straight and mixed gas cans on my rig. LawnInOrder
  6. OMG

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    We use rapid loaders......

    when the weedeater is pulled out of the trailer, plenty of line pieces are pulled at the same time.

    No wasted time swapping out heads.....just put in another two pieces....takes about 5 seconds.

    Sure, it probably costs me an extra $30 per year in line.....but when it's 100 degrees with 70% humidity, it's well worth it IMO.
  7. JJLandscapes

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    you dont carry line in the truck that u had to drive back home to get it?
  8. bigjeeping

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    Carry 2 trimmers. If the trimmer runs out of gas or line, grab the other one!
  9. out4now

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    why has no one mentioned check levels before you start an dwork from furthest point out back to truck?
  10. LawnInOrder

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    i usually keep line in the rig but i lost/ forgot to bring it. So i went back to my house and picked up another 5 lbs spool. And i wish i coudl afford 2 trimmers. I am oly 16, and can't even think about another trimmer. LawnInOrder

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