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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cp, Oct 28, 2001.

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    Don't you just love these customers that tell you first of all that you should be able to give them a price on a job while your at the site. Then after three days you give them a price (for this example a retaining wall and landscaping) of $6,100.00 and she calls you up to tell you that she and her husband can do it for 2-300 dollars. So I say to her "Have a nice Day"..........

    Then, I give a proposal to a guy for annual maintenance of his property and he calls me up to say that the price can't be right.:(
    Only to add that I should charge more for the fall and spring cleanups. Jeepers..:D

    It has been like this for the past month. One customer just tickled pink about price and quality and wanting more and the next looking at me like I'm from MARS.:alien:

    God I love this job......:confused:

    Anyway I'm happy. Chris...
  2. Guido

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    finding a lot of the customer #2's you were describing!

    I know what you mean, I loved hearing that one.....My husband or son could do it for half of that. Tell them to ask your son if they would mind paying all your bills and overhead and get it done in the same time, the right way, with the right materials. That usually shuts them up!

    People can be strange!:alien:
  3. mdb landscaping

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    dealing with the public can be a real pain. just got to keep rolling with the punches.
  4. cantoo

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    First off, this is not a lie, this is an actual letter from a customer.

    Dear ---
    We thank you for your attention to the grass cutting and spraying of our field ( a 4 acre park) at the cottage ( a $400,000 house at the lake) Our invoices this year have totalled $1200.00 which is quite abit to keep the field (again with the field crap) mowed. Could we work out a program whereby the cost wouldn't be in excess of $1000.00 per annum? I would appreciate your input and comments Please give me a call, you have a great day.
    Sincerely @#!%&^&$%^

    Details, we cut this "lawn" 6 times this season and sprayed it twice. They only use this part of the property for relatives to camp on, we cut it before each long weekend and twice for a gathering. We even collect it with the Walker if it looks bad. I'm thinking of calling them up and telling them to buy my equipment and try to pay for it with customers like them. Or they could pay me in US funds. Lawyer and school teacher to boot. .
  5. The $1200 is can. funds?

    If so that's about $750 US.

    I would double the price and tell them to take it or leave it.
  6. cp

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    That is perfect timing. I'm with Stone, however, I would write the letter as if you had not received their letter and in your letter I would write that due to BLA BLA BLA your having to increase your prices and if they required your services it will cost XXXX.00 dollars.

    And when they call or if they call tell them that you had received their letter and either accept their generous increase or they can take a leap.:mad: Just kidding.

    Serious on the 1st paragraph though...Chris
  7. MOW ED

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    CP ,
    If that guy can do a $6100.00 wall and landscape job for 2 or 300 dollars you should have hired him on the spot as a sub-contractor for any future jobs that you may get.

    Making $5800.00 bucks for being the middleman is my kind of profit margin!!!!!!

    There is always a bright side to the business when you look at it from a different light.:cool:
  8. cp

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    Your exactly right MOWED, their I was looking at that half empty glass again.:p

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