Dont you love customers like this?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ProStreetCamaro, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. ProStreetCamaro

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    Dont you just love it when a customer calls and tells you there son thats now blah blah blah age will be cutting there lawn this year? The reason I ask this is because the kid never does it and it ends up getting 2 feet deep and they call you back. All the while when you cut next door your laughing harder and harder each week when you cut the neighbor. This is happening already this year to us. This lawn is only about 8K in size but is the thickest fastest growing lawn I have ever seen in my entire life. 2 weeks into the season and its already over a foot deep. I am willing to say a homeowner push mower wont be able to get through it. I expect a call in the next couple weeks. If they do call the first cut will be $80-$90 plus the weekly cost will be $5 per cut higher just because of spite.

    Ever have this happen to you? And do you do the same thing?
  2. proenterprises

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    Yeah. Oh, and how about "I was offered a new mower at a really great price!" I had some guy tell me that last week. Unreal. I should be hearing from him soon!
  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    What people wont do to try and save a buck. I am going to take my camera next week and take pics of the lawn just for shiats and giggles, This use to be the best looking lawn I have ever had the pleasure of maintaining. Now it looks like crapola :angry:
  4. Woody82986

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    I got one last week... The other side of the duplex that I mow for that i did last year. She called me at the beginning of the season telling me her brother would be mowing the 20,000sq ft. with his push mower so I wouldn't be needed. So all the while I am mowing for my client on the other side of the duplex the grass keeps getting taller and taller until Wednesday when she comes out and asks me if I can mow hers while I'm there because her brothers mower can't get through the grass. I said sure. She said, " $40 like last year?" I said, "no ma'am, $70 like this year when its more than a foot tall and you are no longer a regular client of mine." She flipped but I got my $70 for it. Its times like this I know they are saying to themselves, " I really should have just paid the guy what he wanted..."
  5. proenterprises

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    When this happens, it makes the 40- they were paying weekly seem like they were getting it for free when compared to the double price it costs to get through their jungle.
  6. Toy2

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    I had one customer call me Monday night, "don't worry about coming by this week, my neighbor mowed my lawn while showing off his new lawn mower" I drove by today, grass is turning was scalped bad.....if its an inch I would be surprised....Oh well.....its Friday.....time for some brew!!!!! :dizzy:
  7. Tharrell

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    That's a funny post! I hope it happens to me sometime. I'll know exactly what to say!
  8. Mo Green

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    I had a customer call me and tell me her grandson was going to be cutting her grass this season, but she would call me if she needed anything. I'm sure it won't be long......
  9. procut

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  10. Cut

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    I always tell them "Well, I hope i'm not booked when those cheap junk toy mowers tear up."

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