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    Doosan Infracore to Acquire Bobcat, the WorldÂ’s Largest Compact Construction Equipment Company

    08/22/2007 HIT : 9465

    On July 29, 2007 U.S. EST, Doosan Infracore announced that it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire three businesses of Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited (Ingersoll Rand), comprising the Bobcat compact equipment business (Bobcat), the utility equipment business (Utility Equipment), and the attachments business (Attachments), for US$4.9 billion. The signing took place in New York City and was attended by Vice Chairman Yongmaan Park of Doosan Infracore and Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Herbert L. Henkel of Ingersoll Rand.

    Wonder if Yongmaan Park can run a doocat???:laugh:
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    Even most sales reps I know can't even operate a skid steer worth a sh*t, the worst was my dad's rep who sold him the mini EX27, no one he knew of had one that he could hire, and he couldn't even figure out how to start it with the lock out lever down. [​IMG]
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    It's sad to see aother American company go overseas. Hopefully they will keep manutacturing in N. Dakota. Capitalism is a double edged sword.
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    It would not be so bad if It was a country like Japan, England or even A South American country, but not Korea!
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    from what i heard they are
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    It's really to bad to hear about the sale. But I heard they are going to keep every plant here in the US up and running as is. I guess he had to buy the company for market share. I talked to my sales rep about the buy out and he said the pricing is going to get a bit better because of the new higher VOL they are going to run. He also talked to me about the product called the quick spade from Paumco Products Inc. He knew I had one and wanted to know what i thought. I love the product. He said that they can't even keep them in stock right now and he hasn't even had the chance to try one out. I was honest to him and told him how fast you can dig in hard ground. I didn't believe it at first. He said the Doocat and John Deere both went to the manufacture and tried to buy the product from them and they won't sell it to them. It's good to here there is still a small town company with great product that can stand on there own feet.

    Nothing like buying product that is MADE IN THE U.S.A. The product has those words writen all over it. Go Paumco and GO U.S.A. products!!!!!!
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    I can't really talk any trash about Doosan as I don't have any experience with them, but I agree with others and wish Bobcat would have been bought out by a Japanese company. We've seen what Hyundai, both their heavy industry line and their cars, have come up to be in the past few years. They still aren't the best, but they're leaps and bounds better than what they used to be. However, as far as producing a perfect product with an astonishing track record, the Japanese have it down.
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    I hear you there and agree a bit with ya.

    What do you think about that quick spade I picked up last year. Have you heard anything about it at all? I first saw it at a dealer last summer and picked one up. Sweet!
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    Too bad Kubota did not buy BC. I agree that the Koreans don't seem to be as proficient as the Japanese in manufacturing. The competetiveness between the two countries is likely the reason Kubota engines will no longer be in BC. The Koreans are not about to buy anything from Japan that they don't have to.
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    If Kubota would have bought BC, I'd bet those would be some fairly productive machines after Kubota gets down throwing some of their bits and pieces into them. I'm curious to see how Kubota's own skid steer does though, but I think Kubota meshed with Bobcat would be a good machine.

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