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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fshrdan, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. fshrdan

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    Does anyone know of a good, cheap scorce for plastic bags to hang on doorknobs?

    We're going be leaving maintenance reports after each service this year, not invoices, just a form outlining our activities for the day. I'm going to need a large supply of bags for this summer, and don't know where I can get them. I know NEBS probably has them, but I think these guys are way overpriced on their printing and embroidery, so I suspect they are on bags as well. Thanks in advance, Daniel
  2. heygrassman

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    What size are you looking for? I am looking for an 8.5x11 bag to hang flyers and we might be able to drum up enuf interested parties to get a nice break in quantity.

  3. gogetter

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    I just received a sample bag from Real Green Systems (they're online). They have two different bags. One is hust a clear regular bag. The other one is white with "Important Lawn Care Information Enclosed" in green with grass at the bottom.
    I may try some of these.
  4. I ordered mine from

    I ordered lawn posting signs, those and some other stuff. They have a lot of pre printed stuff to offer.

    Plus check with a local printer they might be able to hook you up yoo.
  5. fshrdan

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    Hey, thanks for the input. I think I'll go with realgreen bags.
  6. Doogiegh

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    I remember when I was delivering newspapers about 10 years ago, newspaper people get the clear bags for cheap cheap. I'm not sure how realgreen's pricing matches up since they are pretty much targeting landscaping/lawn care people only.

    You might want to ask your local newspaper carrier where they get their bags from, cause when I am here in Central New Jersey, the paper gets tossed in the driveway early in the morning either in a rubber band or a bag if it is wet out or going to rain...

    So I'm sure they (the newspaper people) buy the clear bags in Mega-Bulk and have a good source for them... FYI...

  7. olabob

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    Godfather Those bags are pretty cool. But I do not understand the pricing.

    Door Hanger Bags 1000 2500 5000 10000
    7" x 15" Clear $22.95 $20.95 $19.95 $16.95
    7" x 15" White Printed $24.95 $22.95 $21.95 $18.95
    Explain that to me. Because i know that is not for one bag. And why would you pay 22 for 1000 when you could pay 16 for 10000.
    Its not making sense, but then again it is pretty late..
  8. jjfehr

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    The way those prices are listed are as p/m, or price per thousand. I haven't looked at the site but I am involved in the specialty advertising industry and know several items are priced this way. It help you see what discount you are getting, and you won't have to calculate a .00234 cents each price.
  9. What jjfehr said

    If you buy 1000 they are $22.95

    If you got 2500 = $52.38

    If you got 5000 = $99.75

    10,000 = $169.50

    $19.95 x 5 (5=5,000)

    Times the price per 1000 by the first digit in the one thousanth spot.

    eg 10,000 = x 10

    7,000 = x 7

    2500 = x 2.5

    Took me a few minutes to catch it also.
  10. Lech615

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    I can get get bags cheaper than what you posted. 1000 bags for $20.00 If anyone is interested email me.

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