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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Nov 9, 2007.


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    Came home to this on my door. This company is one of the lousiest irrigation companies in dallas irrigation history in my opinion. I do even try to renovate their systems just give them names of quality installers.

    crap bid.jpg
  2. Ground Master

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    Can't read it to well, but are they quoting new systems at 1750? Holy crap thats unbelievable!
  3. hoskm01

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    Maybe they do really nice blowouts for 1750!

    Flyer looks cheezy and cheap.
  4. jimmyburg

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    If i read it right, it looks like a new Lic# and i see a master plumber lic#,
  5. hoskm01

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    Straining to read, it says front, back and side yards... How is that possible? Oh yeah, its not with anything of decent value. Toro and Rainbird my rump. FIM, get them on here so we can scold and pummel them.

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    They look for a certain kind of house. 60' wide 110 'long with a house in the middle. Use three cheap rotors in the front. Two at the street corners. One in the middle by the house. Put 15' sprays 10' out from the house spraying at it. Cheap timer. No more than 4 zones. No warranty. Double the valves in a 6" box. Tie in by house with an AVB. At least the three I've dealt with by this company were that type. Maybe this is for the front only and sides. Price is just a teaser. Prey on the average persons ignorance to what a quality system can be. Ruin the market for people trying to be quality companies.
  7. hoskm01

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    Keeps the siding clean! Duh.
  8. dtanovic

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    $1,700 doesn't seem like that low of a price for what FIMCO is describing. 5 or 6 rotors in the front 7 or 8 sprays on each side, another 9 rotors in the back. It looks like a pretty typical job around here.
  9. hoskm01

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    Must be a regional thing. You do know that 1500 is the min per zone right?:)
  10. DanaMac

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    well then maybe the guy with the flier is doing one big zone :laugh:

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