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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lynden-Jeff, Apr 4, 2007.

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    I got a good idea from a local window supplier. He put a door hanger on our door state that he replace windows at XX joe street and a little sales pitch. I thought this was a great idea, I could say I do XX address and you could have your yard done for as low as XX price. Does anyone else do this? My yards tend to stand out among the competition in my areas so I can imagine this would be great.

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    I do that with window cleaning flyers/door handles. I've been perfecting it over the years but basically I price out entire neighborhoods that have easy to clean thermo pane windows. I put all addresses and prices (I guess ti mate on the backs) in an excel file. Then I do a word merge onto my flyer.

    The last time I did this I used I used Adobe InDesign to do the merge and the end result was a 1/3 page flyer on 67 lb. paper (I got them cut) and they looked great. They also killed, they always do though. You're giving a potential customer a quote, only I do 10k quotes and they are unsolicited.

    I was thinking of trying to do this with lawn care, I started going through the citys property assessments so I know the sq. ft. and if they are on a corner lot. The Idea was to give them a quote based on their lot size. I lost interest in this for now though. It's very time consuming and I have to hire people to deliver my flyers like a mail man because they have addresses on them. I figured it cost 13-15 cents each to deliver this way (not to mention the time I spend creating them) while I could get a generic flyer delivered for 4.2 cents each.

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