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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Scagmower48, Feb 26, 2008.

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    Hey Guys:

    First of all I would like to say how much this site has helped me out with getting my lawn care business going. I started last year and this year I am starting with three accounts. My goal is to have 10 accounts this year, and become legal with a liscence and insurance. So far for my advertising I have an ad that will be running in my church belletin, and I am going to put an ad on craigslist for the heck of it. My question is I am thinking of having door hangers made about 1 or 2 thousand. I am wondering what should I put on my door hanger besides my services. Should I put a phrase on top like "Tired of mowing?". Also im in Connecticut with snow on the ground, will it be too late to advertise in the middle of march like the 20th or so?

    Thanks for all of your help and im looking forward to hearing all of your ideas

    Chris Mullins-Mullins Lawncare:usflag:

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    Use the search button on here and you will find more than enough examples and ideas...The door hanger topic has been thriving lately.
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    Yes you need something that will cause the customer to want to use your service to reduce their misery. You should also have some kind of call to action "Call Today" or "Limited Time". It also needs to be attractive.
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    I just got a book today from NEBS....they have door hangers on sale250/30 bux or 500/43 a search on the net for NEBS and then part # dh86.....not sure if that is a great price or not but that is about 10 cents each....seems good to me

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    If you find a small printing company, they can print three doorhangers per page, cut them, and drill the hole for WAY less then you buy online. I got 1,500 for $46.00. They werent color, but they are on color card stock paper.

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