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  1. Kernie

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    if someone could weigh in with some helpful advice it would be much appreciated.

    for a weed control and fertilization company

    i have 5000 door hangers for round 1 pre-emergent marketing. if the typical round 1 coverage dates are from Jan 10 - March 10 what is the best way to distribute these door hangers???

    would it be best to get them out as soon as possible or spread them out throughout the above mentioned dates??

    any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. sway

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    yea i was looking to put out flyers or something too...

    any help from anyway will be awesome

    bump for my needs hahaha
  3. TurfWerks

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    I've been hanging flyers door to door during my slow time. If they don't get people to call it will help get my name out there.
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