Door Hanger!

PK Mows

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Weelky kinda sticks out to me. Also, your Spring / Fall Clean-up should be Spring/Fall if you want to use the slash, same with the Aerate/Dethatch. Also, it should be We can service your property, not you property. To me, the box with the place to put the price also just doesn't look right, I'd play with that more. And, the yellow lettering doesn't really pop off the page very well, but in printed form it might be better. It looks like you have two different shades of yellow on the front.

And most importantly, your phone number needs to be very prominent on the front and the back. Myself, I'd not have the referral rewards on the front, that's not what's going to get people to call. That's something that's a good promotion for existing Customers, but a person searching for a lawn care company probably isn't going to call you just for that. Your price on the front, that's a good attention-getter, however you must be very careful when doing that. I'd have a disclaimer about exactly what that quoted price covers instead of using the space for the referral disclaimers. Mow, Blow, Edge is not specific enough and might cause you a few headaches. Another option is to put the price and then just have something that tells them to call for details. You may find you get more calls by giving less information, it's called teasing. Teasing works very well if your initial message grabs their attention and makes them want to know more. If you watch tv, every show out there does some sort of teasing to keep you on the same channel through the commercials. By putting a price and then telling them to call for details, people who are interested will call just to see what's up.

Check with the printer about using the green letters on the back. That will probably have them charge you for color on both sides, and if they're going to do that, then you may as well add some background color as well.

I like that you aren't trying to promote fifty things or have ten different offers. The thing to do is grab their attention, get one or two points across and put your name and number right in front of their eyeballs.

Good Luck with it all!

Richard Martin

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I'm thinking that you should create that website first.

We can service you property weelky for

should be

We can service your property weekly for

I would also remove the commas from the line that says

Both you and the referred customer must sign up for year round service accounts


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Thank you guys for noticing that misspelling. I dont know how many times i read that and never picked that up. and the website is being build as i type so it will be up and running before i handout all of the door hanger. I will play around with it alittle more today and update the post. Thanks again


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DONT, have your price on it......

you will tkae to long to pass them out.
also others will know what your charging. and the customers will know what there neabor is paying.

GO hire a PRO to make one for you.

there cheep.