Door Hangers and Direct Mail

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Okiebug003, Mar 2, 2009.


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    Sounds better and better
  2. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    My thought is hand mailing is way better than direct mailing. With hand mailing you can pick and chose you client like who gets cut by another company and who dosent. Also when you hand deliver you can already see the house and what it needs so when they call you already know what your looking at. with direct mailing your flying blind cause you dont know whos getting you ad. Maybe that area that was hit with direct mailing dont need a services or maybe most of those people cut there own grass or landscaping. i guess it personal preferance. Save money and walk them
  3. Okiebug003

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    Good info MOWCRAZY. RIght now I am looking to add clients to my existing route. So I do think that door hangers is the way to go. thanks.
  4. Josh.S

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    So how many door hangers per man hour are you guys getting out? Anybody else have statistics?
  5. Midstate Lawncare

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    I only walk on sidewalks, that being said... 45-70 per hour is good.
  6. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    I have two of my lawn guys passing out flyers and were doing about 350 a day and thats putting them in the door not on the mailbox. I seem to get better results by doing this.
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    350 a man each day?? How far apart are the houses? I can get anywhere from 50-100 in under 1 hour and the houses werent that far apart. It really just depends how far apart and layout of sidewalks. I do not walk thru peoples yards so it takes a long time to do door hangers on large yards. Next year I think I am going to do door hangers in small yards and go maybe with direct mail for big neighborhoods with large lawns. Still gotta put out 1500 door hangers this season.
  8. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    Thats 350 per a man so 700 total for the day. Well they do it from 8:00am to noon. Then they spend 2 hours going to local companies. This is my first time trying flyers so we will see what happens
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    There is no way you can hit 200 actual doors an hour on foot. Thats one every 15 seconds, up their long driveway, down the street, up the long driveway. Unless you're cutting through yards or hanging in the ghetto.
  10. LawnoftheMonth

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    i put out 100 per hour by myself, not walking across the lawns.

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