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Door Hangers


LawnSite Member
Springville, AL
Guys what results are most seeing when placing door hangers. I feel we have had a succssful week. We hung about 2000 hangers this week and only spoke to 15 homeowners due to most being at work. Of the 15 we spoke to we picked up 9 new customers this week. I feel like we are heading in the right direction. May throw some upcoming Saturdays in to see more people.


LawnSite Member
Upstate NY
Great start... The rule of thumb it to put your company (somehow) in front of a customer 3x before they will remember you... So keep at it! The more name recognition you can lay out there the more people will recognize and think of you...

With any type of print advertisement the general return is between 1-2% so out of 2000 you could expect about 20 or so calls... Keep rehashing the same areas and keep your name out there in the community... Best of luck to you.