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  1. IRS

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    What has worked for you in the past? Print on 1 side or both? Details or just name and number? What about coupon? Looking for way to draw new customers, for coming spring.
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    What worked for me was Clover leafing my present customers. I printed Flyers on my computer listing their neighbors address as a Yard I already take care of. Of course you want the yard to be in great shape first. I would pass out the flyers each time I treated that customer yard. Repeat flyers work better than one time. This method builds tight routes and less wind shield time.
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    door hangers work. make sure there is at least an 'offer' if not a coupon... give them as many ways to contact you as possible. .. I even do a tear off return mail piece on mine.

    GREATLY increase the effectiveness with door to door sales. as I understand it TGCL employees get fired if they're not making 3 sales a day.. so hire 4 people.. 12 sales per day + door hangers. thats 60 sales per 5 day week.. 240 per month.

    Problem is that its hard to find salespeople that can meet those goals, and there is a lot of money out up front on the hope that you got some good help.. (and you didn't.)

    I actually prefer direct mail to door hangers.
  4. hawthornelawncare

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    hi there who do you get your door hangers with the tear off from? im looking to get some done


  5. Rayholio

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    Lately I've been using real green systems pre printed ones with return stub.. if you're looking for custom work, they will be high priced, and I suggest getting quotes.. careful though. I've discovered that printers often suffer from lame-itus and you should pick the low bid with caution..
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  6. hawthornelawncare

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    Hey there where would i go to look at the pre printed ones? do they put your company info on it or what?

  7. Rayholio

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    I had to buy an ink stamp with my mailing address and logo on it.. one that will stamp onto slick laser paper. (about $50)

    Check out to see what they have. They ship very quickly, and the quality is great. on pre-printed forms their prices are unbeatable.. on custom they're unbelievable. :)
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    Hurry. Scroll 2 inces left and you will see a sponsor who offers great lawn brochures and flyers. But most printers use stock photos of green grass.

    But of course it is much better if you go to the trouble of taking pictures in your own town of your own yards--with your truck in the background--or foreground. Get your own face (earnest and trustworthy) in the pic in front of the house if possible. If you are Explaining a weed to an attractive woman customer--so much the better. Well OK. Use your wife in front of your own house. You can probably write off her salon appointment as a business expense. If you can get a pic in front of a familiar landmark in your town--that is even better. Offer to feed and maintain the area around that "Welcome to Anytown" sign--use that picture next year. Printers will be happy to include your pics if you give them plenty of advance notice and let them help you select the best photos to use.
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    I get stuff on my door that is embarrassing to look at.

    Though I understand that not everyone has the money or is REALLY serious about this business because many are in it to just make ends meet - or they are just plain flakes - it is still disturbing when I see flyers or door hangers that are just thrown together to get a name out there.

    I believe that if you are serious and going to do it at all, you should do it right - high quality presentation with attention to detail and quality, CAREFULLY TARGETED information.
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