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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 944own, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. 944own

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    Where do you order your door hangers from. Who has the best prices. I want to upload my own design. Vistaprint does not do door hangers. I have ordered stuff from them before but I called them and they do not do them.
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    Was thinking about trying these this year but I don't know I still have alot of cards I can still pass out.
  3. unkownfl

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    Go to a local print shop or ask your nearest pizza shop.
  4. Landscape Poet

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    I have used this place the last couple of years. There price is usually lower for the color and quality I want - they will however match prices if you find a price and quality similar to theirs elsewhere.
    The quality you will not be disappointed with.

    Also if you want to support one of these sites sponsors there is a company specializing in doorhangers. Search The Better Door Hanger on here and I have a feeling you will find the sponsors info. If not a rep has responded recently in a thread in the FL forum below - I think it is called something about a 75 year old woman.
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    i used for 10,000 it cost me 296 shipped. the colored door hangers were around 520 shipped. i don't see the point of going color i don't think some one will look at a door hanger and think "I'm not hiring this company because the door hangers are not in color" the quality of the door hanger from is very decent. they came in under a week.:clapping:
  6. 944own

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    do you have a link to the place you use. thanks
  7. Landscape Poet

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    sorry - here you go

    I disagree with the above poster about not using color. First it does not give a good look, second you have just a few seconds of them looking at it to determine if they are actually truly going to read it. Proper color selection will help draw their attention and nice design will keep it. Me personally I do not read 99% of the crap left on my door that is a regular flyer or is not in color and I live in flyer capital of the world FL. I figure if they can not afford a proper door hanger what other short cuts will they think is ok to take? Color is a great investment. Not sure on your marketing strategy but I generally stay smaller on the door hangers and use them just to supplement other marketing campaigns. I use them to target homes in subdivsions we are already in.....not just throw a bunch out and hope they stick and end up with accounts left all around town with gas at $3.50 a gallon. My thoughts are order enough to keep you able to target and nail the neighborhoods you are in ...leave the flyering everything in the world to the newbies as the return rate is lower on doorhangers and not worth paying one of your guys to canvas a neighborhood hours on end. One last thing - turnaround is quick as you will see on the order selection, but can be faster if why the heck would you order 10K at once? The smart choice is to order 1 or 2 K - distribute - evaluate if they are working - if not why and make appropriate changes and re order the new ones.
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  9. 944own

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    This is What I am planning on just hitting the nicer subdivisions that I am already in to Puck up a few more this year. I have had good luck with flyers the past couple years and just think the door hangers look better. I am gonna order 1000 full color. I called the people at betterdoorhangers and I can get 1000 for around 120 shipped. It costs almost that just to go make copies of a flier.
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  10. phillie

    phillie LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 861 is the cheapest I have found. You get to pick the quality, I suggest the 14pt paper. I had door hangers within 1-2 weeks and I have been using them for a few years. BTW, I think your advertising is your first impression and I think color draws the eye a lot faster than black and white.

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