Door hangers?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 1mikehall, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. 1mikehall

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    I'd love to hear what kind of ROI anyone gets with door hangers? I've heard 1-2% is good - but that seems low - especially this time of year when people are looking. Would anyone be willing to share their success/failure?

  2. WHIPPLE5.7

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    I went to do door hangers for the 1st time ever yesterday and I realized you don't bother leaving them at every house. That never crossed my mind until I started actually doing it. Some houses are so trashy with broken down vehicles in the yard and house falling apart. Its obvious those places would never be a customers. I did about 43 city blocks yesterday and now legs hurt. I had people meet me at the day as I approached it to tell me no, don't bother. I actually had a much less posative outlook on it afterwards than before. Also houses that are super nicely taken care of yards means they arlready have somebody or do a nice job themselves so no point in leaving one there either. The best places are nicer houses with yards needing some attention. Also a redflag is kids toys everywhere, means young parents with no money. I also had like 25 pitbulls try to get threw the fences at me. It was just a wonderful day to feel awkward having people give you dirty looks. Turn around seeing them yark them off the door and throw them on the ground. I might have forgot to mention this was in some of the nicer areas of town too. A full day later and not a single call.
  3. 1mikehall

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    Man...bummer that you didn't get a single call. Thanks for the reply. Let us know if you get anything. I ordered some to use, and am looking at going out in the next day or two.

  4. grandview (2006)

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    My first yr I had a post card made out with all my services.with a letter attached to it .I put them out and 2 years later I was still getting some back.
  5. NYLawns

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    That's disheartening.
  6. willshome

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    Door hangers are a great part of your total marketing. I put them at every house just because they don't want you does not mean they dont have friends/family in town that do. I had someone call from across town because a friend gave them my flyer. Door hangers are dirt cheap I pay $20 for 500.
    1% = 5 customers $20/5= $4 each customer
    Oh and one more thing add a very good Coupon
  7. Brown & Co.

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    There is definitely more cost effective ways for soliciting your service directly to your potential clients.

    This way has alot of unnecessary expenses involved in the process.

    I would suggest mailing to selected areas reflecting your available budget until your schedule is full and crews are maxed.
  8. Orrdc

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    Where do you get them at 500 for 20? I was thinking of hitting the pavement in my own neighborhood hoping to get a few easy jobs
  9. Brown & Co.

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    I just use business cards stuck in the gap of the weather striping and the door frame. Sticks right there perfectly. 5000 business cards for the price your going to spend on 500 door hangers.

    And I bet you put out 500 and get no calls...Im being pesemistic...It takes all of what 1 hour to pass out 500...I would say you need to pass out around 5000 to get 5 clients to call within a months time.

    I understand that your figuring 1% of 500 but not all 500 are even going to see it...some will hold on to it for a few months...most just throw it away. This is the reality of it. Find the most effeicent way acceptable to your operation.

    I have also used custom postit notes as well...worked great. Still Most bang for buck door to door is business cards.

    And overall is trifold Flyer mailers sent by courier routes.

    One of these days Ill busy I just dont have the time :(
  10. willshome

    willshome LawnSite Member
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    Staples postcard
    I punch a hole in the corner and pull a rubber band throw. I also trade putting my flyer on the counter of other businesses for putting it with my flyer. I don't go knocking on doors because when I did the people that wanted to talk wanted to just waste my time.

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