Door hangers?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 1mikehall, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Well its been a week since I put mine out and not a single call. I've got about 1,500 more to put out but since the couple hundred hasn't generated one call in peak season I don't feel like wasting my resources putting them out. My hangers advertise cuts starting at $25, aerating starting at $40, power raking, rototilling, and for those DIY people I offer on site balanced blade sharpening for homeowner's mowers. You would sure think I'd have gotten atleast one call but nope. This area sucks for this business.
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    One week for it to work is not really a long time, for most home owners that's two days off. Some say it takes 4 times at the same house to get a call. To most of these people you are new to them, do you think McDonalds runs an ad once and calls it good. The super market sends me flyers every week. You have to beat them over the head with marketing :hammerhead: over and over and over. use door hangers, make a website, google adword, craigslist....
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    Post cards are Great and I am having 5,000 printed as I type this. I a proved the Proof yesterday.

    Door hanger can be good depending on HOW and WHO passes them. I had a Very bad experience with Door Hangers just this winter. I let a friend from up north spend the winter with me and paid to have him pass Door Flier plus a commission for each job closed. I am afraid he was too lazy and in 3 months time only passed 1500 or so fliers of which I got more calls complaining of his rude manner etc.

    My point is the right person passing Door Fliers but more important knocking on doors and selling services should have a higher percentage of sales than Post cards. Clover leafing present customers on a continuing bases can be very effective. Clover Leafing is contacting home in a clover Leaf pattern around existing customers. I have about 500 fliers left over from this winters mistake that I am using to clover leaf with.

    Of course without the right person passing the Fliers the USPS is a sure way the customer at least gets the post card. New Bulk rate are low now and not additional permit fees are needed. USPS is advertising the EDDM program heavy. So I am giving it a shot. The Cost isn't too bad. Printing and Mailing of 5,000 is costing me $ 1010.00. I am hoping on 20 to 25 new customers or a half of a percent return. BTW I am late on mailing in my area because the Snow Birds have gone North.
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    That's why you need to hire me!

    I'm doing 5k postcards through the Post office too. It's .145 cent per card to mail out.

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