Door Hangers???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AAATreeLandscape, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. AAATreeLandscape

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    Read an article about door to door advertising and was thinking of going with door hangers. Wanted to know if any others have luck with this. Also on distribution I read that the cheapest way to distribute these would be using local Brownie or Cub Scout Troops. Anybody tried this?
  2. jslawncare

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    I just bought a bunch of them from the internet, like 2k for like $40 bucks, took a few days off and huffed it and got about 1500 out, got like 10 calls out of it, so I was pretty happy, they do work pretty well. Plus you can hand deliver them to some people who are out in their garage, and then they can get to know you pretty well. :)
  3. danp

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    I have been considering this tactic myself, and have found some providers for varying prices,2K, for $40 sounds like a decent deal, what site did you order from?

  4. jslawncare

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    im not sure exactly now, but it was off a search off yahoo. they were not very wide bags, so i folded all my flyers in half and then stuffed em...
  5. HarryD

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  6. jslawncare

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    Harry thats a even better site than what I had, same prices but this one has cool information with the lawn care sticker on the front, thanks a lot man!
  7. Equipguy

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    We tried them and the result was ok, usually 2-3% return. We prefer direct mail because we found customers keep the mailer and call later. It cost more but 1st class worked best for us. Good Luck.
  8. f350

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  9. jocko1104

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    About 2-3% sounds right with a well made flyer. I've never heard of using cub scouts but it doesnt sound like such a bad idea.

    I have found that wednesday or thursday is the best time to put them out, I usually just do them myself.

    Also you will be amazed at how long people will hold on to these. Just because you dont get 100 calls the next day doesnt mean that they are not working.

    Good luck.
  10. PaulJ

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    What I have been doing is Taking my flier(A piece of brihgt green/yellow paper with my logo at the top and of short list of my services)and distributing them. I ring the doorbell and if noone answers before I get the flier rolled up with a rubber band around it, I put it on the door knob/handel with the rubber band.
    If they answer I hand them a flier while I introduce myself and ask them to keep me in mind for any lawn care needs this season. Quick and simple. I don't want to take up any of their time but don't want them to think I'm sneeking around just puttng things on doors.
    I'm not putting up many at a time. I kind of pick and choose the areas or even the houses I hit. I'v had a couple requests for bids from thos I handed the fliers to, but no calls yet, It's still very early.

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