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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jhawk71, Feb 24, 2003.

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    After reading many posts I have found that most of lawnsite prefers door hanger for advertising. So this year i will be placing door hangers out. I was trying to make up one to send to the company, but couldnt find a template. Do any of you know where i could find a template to put into word or publisher. So I can make a door hanger
  2. mowerman90

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    Found this through Google. It's a GIF file so you can insert it into a Word document and then add whatever pictures and words you want. Hope it helps.

  3. Daleman

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    You can also order door hangers with your message imprinted on them from Nebs. ( I just ordered 500 and they were only like 50$. Good Luck--
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    Come up with an advertisement document (Word). Have it printed (black ink on colored paper) by a local print shop (PIP, Kinko's, DQP, etc...), then insert them into plastic door-hanger bags. The bags keep the insert from getting soaked by rain and are easy to install on door-knobs. I've delivered about 600 of these by foot in local neighborhoods and gotten back about ten responses for mowing, and about 16 for snow removal. Total cost: around $75.00. plus my time delivering.

    I've included an attachment for my Word document advertisement as an example.

    Good luck!

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    how would you cut out the knob opening??

    Daleman, $50 for 500..10 cents each.. well.... lets just say my local printer will do fliers for alot less than that (wish I could remember the price) but it was a whole lot better than that deal. I can get single color ink on any color paper. I'll call soon and get back with you. Fliers are alittle harder to distribute than hangers but you can get alot more info on them (not always a good thing LOL) and they are cheaper. It's all in the presentation sometimes :blob4:
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