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    Thanks for the comments on my last post concerning the pickup/trailor or Isuzu.I think I am going to go with a new Isuzu(132.5"WB)which will give me roughly a 13 ft bed.All I use are walkbehinds so it shouldnt be a problem to put 2 maybe 3 and a 21"pusher on it.Although I am thinking of keeping my Mazda pickup for daily running around.I had some door hangers made up this week,plan to put them out in a couple of weeks.I had originally planned to hit newer subdivisions($150K-300K),but all the people I know that live in areas like this usually do their own lawns.Usually younger to middle-aged people.I do have a couple of accounts like this,and when Im there,I see alot of them doing yard work.I am know thinking older homes on regular streets would bring the best response.My road would be perfect,but houses are on 1-3 acre lots,and would be hard to walk out door hangers while trying to avoid woods and ponds that dot the road side.I plan to put out about 2000 this year,along with my first yellow pages ad coming out in June.Hope it is a great year for everyone!thanks for the help.

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