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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by sharpcutter, Apr 20, 2004.

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    Of those of you that use door hangers, does anyone print their own?? Where do you get the blanks?? How do the rest of you do it??
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    I certainly will not insult anyone with "Marketing Expertise", as we have left flyers, had a 30 day newspaper ad with NO calls.
    But, we checked out the cost of door hangers and you have to buy 2.4million,(might as well be) and the cost was outrageous.
    We are now taking a flyer, enclosing it in an envelope with one of our return address labels on it, and doing on-site estimates, stating on the envelope, "Price for this yard_______.
    Two responses out of about 75 envelopes...that is supposed to be good, however, there seems to be no perfect way of advertising, ultimately, one has to have the funds to keep on keeping on and let word of mouth do the real advertising.
    This is our first year, and we have been told that the first is the worst; kinda figured that but it seems as though this "aint gonna work".
    Oh well,
    Maybe back to pushin paper in the freon world.
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    Thanks for the links and the input.
    I kinda like the idea pf placing the estimate right on the flier.
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    Here's an example of our door hangers. As I walk around, I place the estimates for the yard right on the door hanger, so the customer knows how much it will be right when they look at it, and I don't have to come back for the estimate.
    Have gotten a GREAT response on these, and people have commented on how they called BECAUSE of the quality of the advertising! If you can't afford to put money into getting clients, then how can you say you value your client's business?
    You have to hang in there, and keep trying. These were definitely not our first try in advertising, but we learn every time we try something new. And yes, the first year was the hardest, but it gets better. Don't give up so easy, get creative, and get out there if this is what you truly want to do.


    Good luck out there :blob3:

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    this is my very first season in the business too!! so far I'm into homemade fliers, homemade business cards, refferal offer for free cut for every new customer, cold calling realty companies, etc. I realize it will take a little while to gather stable and steady accounts!! but in the first year you should not expect too much magic!! just like twins said-----you cannot give up! try absolutely anything that might work and keep your chin up!!!;)

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