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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JonLawn, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. JonLawn

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    I am planning on doing two door hangings before the season starts. One would be for seasonal mowing contracts and the second for say fertilizer/pesticide service. Same houses for more exposure.

    I am thinking mid January and mid February. I'm in Maryland. Does that sound too early? Should I push each back a month?
  2. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    I'm in Maryland too and I put business cards out from mid January through May
  3. gulfjoe

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    Looking at your equipment list, we seem to be the same size company (small). I'm in south GA, and am thinking the same thing about when to send out postcards. I was reading on Adeas that they have 2500 post cards mailed for $750. I am just trying to time it right so all of the carsd dont get thrown straight in the garbage. I dont have the marketing budget to do a multi distribution of post cards, I might do another blanket door hanger to my target neighborhoods. I am thinking of mailing late february, and doing the hangers 2 weeks later.
  4. grassmonkey0311

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    As a fellow Vet (USMC 2003-2007), I figured I would chime in.

    Although it may be harder, you will get a better response rate and pay a lot less to go around and hand out the 2500 post cards. Mailers usually give a .5% response rate, so out of your 2500, you may get about 12 or 13 calls. Lets say your a heck of a salesman and you land 13 customers, each one cost you roughly $58. Landing just 3 new customers, they would each cost you $250.

    If your working on a tighter budget, 2500 isn't a lot. Hand them out yourself and save a lot of $$ for something else.
  5. gulfjoe

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    The more and more I think about it I am going to probaly hand them out myself. The only thing I like about mailing them is I dont have to walk to 2500 houses :laugh:

    I will most likely do the door hangers, I might hire some kids to help me pass em out.

    What do you do in the NO SOLICITATION neighborhoods. I got yelled at by someone last year when I was sticking them in the boxes under the mailbox saying I was soliciting. Sad part it was my own neighborhood, so I sad I was sorry and kept walking and kept passing out flyers:walking:
  6. gulfjoe

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    What dimensions do you folks use on your Door Hangers?
  7. whiffyspark

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    The signs have no legal meaning.
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  8. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    Every minute you spend walking neighborhoods handing out marketing material is 1 minute of lost opportunity to bill a client for that minute.

    It costs you more money to walk a neighborhood than it does to mail a neighborhood when you factor in the cost of your time to do the work and cost of missed opportunities.
  9. Armsden&Son

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    While I normally agree with you A and W, I will respectfully disagree on this one.... I reside in the north and unfortunately other than plowing, there is little for us to do during the winter months. (I say us in general but make no mistake, I paint interiors, firewood deliv., clean outs, part time job. But that is just me, I am hyper active)
    So, walking neighborhoods and handing out marketing material is not only a cost effective way of doing things (why pay the post office when I can do it myself?) but it is also an excellent way to meet and greet prospective clients. Sure, some folks hate companies leaving door hangers and solicitors in general but I have found that if done correctly and with tact, approaching peoples homes can be very rewarding. And believe me, if a retired 60 something year old woman gets an advertising brochure or postcard in the mail you may be lucky enough to have her put it aside on the desk for further review. But if I approach said woman while she is struggling with her groceries and do a face to face meet and greet along with my photo album/portfolio in hand, who do you think is going to be building that retaining wall that she needs this spring?
  10. hamiltonenterprising

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    I found that advertising is a full time job itself. I sub contract 75% of my work for this very reason. You need to be aggressive and trying to promote your business all year long.

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