Door knocking for 2020


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Who's done it? How did it work?

I'm considering hitting it hard. If we hit 15 neighbors of each of our current clients that would be around 1100 doors.

I'm willing to cut them for free the first time if they sign up with us to be a long term service provider.

Finally got a reliable employee but took a major pay cut and looking to GROW!!!!

No more one times and people who sign up and then 2 or 3 cuts later their cancelling bc hubby decided he wanted to get a new toy at lowes.

I will be adding a cancellation fee for ALL new sign ups in 2020. I've played around with fees in the past and the clients who signed up regardless of potential fees have always been the most reliable least headache clients. It just weeds out the riff raff. The majority of work around here is EOW as well. I can't afford the people who do 2 and 3 cuts and quit.

Anyway, door knocking, yay or nay? Is it enough to just place a door hanger? Does buying temperature increase when its a real person? Smiling faces? Offering to mow for FREE? What if I send my wife out in her daisy dukes and white tank top? WOULD THAT BE ENOUGH TO INCREASE SALES!?!?!?

I'm just ready to hit 2020 hard. I want to come out the gate swinging! Guns-a-blazin' ya heard :gunsfirin:gunsfirin:gunsfirin.

I know direct mail is like 1-2%, personally I've had anywhere from half a percent to 8%. But the 8% is almost certainly because I was under priced my first go round.

Who's done door knocking? What was your conversion rate like?


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Never done it myself....

Don't offer free mows. Cancellation fee or not. Don't get me wrong I do a freebie once in awhile but they're to the long term clients that have spent a ton of money using me. Not new clients that haven't proven anything to me yet.

Also the wife with daisy no.


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Need a pic of the wife. Lol
Around my way any disturbing of people is soliciting. Not allowed most places. I've done drive by estimate cards left at the residents home but never bother them.
I knock on doors. I ring the doorbell, then take two good steps back. That gives them their space and makes them feel comfortable. Also I’d advise to wear your company attire or a hi-vis vest. It gives you the appearance that you’re not trying to hide. I introduce myself with a smile. Their no’s just mean not right now to me. I give them my card and leave them be. I don’t try and hold them hostage at the door like some of the door-to-door salesmen. My success rate is pretty low. I’ve given estimates on the spot. I’ve had a few that actually wanted me to do the work. If they ask for an estimate, sure to get their contact info so that you can follow up with them. I realized a couple of weeks ago that that is what I should’ve been doing. But, we live and learn.


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I like your energy, but feel it’s misdirected in this case.

My thoughts are it feels intrusive to the potential client, as there being “bothered” during their at home time! As@smith lawn landscaping said, there are other forms of advertising to do! Ours has grown by word of mouth, I don’t believe we have done any type of advertising in 5 or 6 years!

The first mow free I’m not a fan of, and maybe someone on here could give a number of how many they converted to clients and how long it lasted by doing so! Again, my thoughts are you set yourself up for future “freebies” and you now have a difficult time defending your actions when you want to be paid for said work! Keep up the energy, it’s infectious! Jeff