door to door advertising ?anybody tried this?

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by jerryo, Apr 23, 2007.

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    What we tried one year was to make all our flyers with the same info on it, like MOW, TRIM, Blow off and EDGE sidewalks and drive. Then each color flyer had a different price on it. That way when you go into the high end residential areas you can look at the lawn and pick your price then give them the colored flyer with that price on it. This gives the customer an idea of what your offering and how much and they can compare it to the other company they currently use. Or they might just say to themselves "man thats not a bad price I should give em a call". OR just throw it away, but anyway you get my drift. The red flyers would have $30, the blue flyers would have $40, the green would have $50 and so on. Keep them in your truck and if you pass a lawn you wouldnt mind bidding on then throw them a flyer. NO knocking or bothering the customer this way they can see for themself on there own time. Hope this helps I know it did for us.
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    I still have had remarkable success with the MLS listing. Find a Realtor that has access to the Multi Listing Service (MLS) list of houses for sale. they can run a list of houses that just closed (just sold). Get that list once a month (once a week for me) and either go by and introduce yourself to the NEW homeowner and let them know you take care of such and such yards in the neighborhood to help keep the neighborhood market up. Or you can send a letter or postcard to these newly bought homes and let them know about a new homeowner deal you have for that specific neighborhood. I used this when I was selling residential security systems and tripled my commisions and now I use it for lawn and have doubled the size of our customer base in 8 months. The only "catch" is finding a realtor willing to help you out. I just called around and asked and the one I work with was about my 4th phone call. I offer them a small kick back ($5 for each one I sell off that list which is around 800 this year) and they are more than happy to give it to me because that is $4000 more than they would have had and it takes them about 5 minutes to produce a list. Try it out... it works!
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    I tried it and it worked; I would go door to door and knock first and if they didn't answer leave a flyer. I stopped doing it because most people said no and I don't really like cold sales so I figured I'm wasting time knocking on the door if I could just leave a flyer. Also, I don't really like people bothering me at home so I like to apply the golden rule. :)
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    try supermarket bulletin boards.
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    i got about 15 lawns this way.advertised $15 and up and not one lawn for that price.the lawns i got where between 20-45$
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    Hmmmm the bulletin boards may be a good plan; I have never tried this but it would probably be less labor. I found a place that does full color door hangers for about 10 cents each if you buy 1000. I don't know if I'm allowed to list companies here.

    Abraham: I was going to say, I don't think I would do anything for $15, unless it was a small front lawn and even then it would have to be practically down the street to be worth it. lol I'm afraid I would get a bunch of people that didn't want to pay the full price if I did that; and then spend lots of time doing estimates while getting very little work!
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    Agreed, this method works great for me also.. My cousin is a realtor, emails me a list once a week (i mow his lawn for half price in return) and i get alot of landscaping jobs that way, and a good amount of mowing and snow removal too. Most new homeowners are very appreciative of someone who comes up and offers to help them out (if i get a "good vibe" from the owners i will offer to mow there lawn free one time as a "housewarming" gift) rather than them having to scan the phone book or online in a new town during the hectic time during move in.

    I've done the door to door flyers bit, but do not knock.. usually just annoys people if you knock. Don't get alot of jobs this way, but one is better then none on a rainy sunday afternoon when all of the equipment is ready to go for the upcoming week.

    One strategy that worked well for me, especially recently, was contacting banks who own foreclosed properties (foreclosures are public information, and are in the paper every day) and offer to do basic upkeep of the lawn until the property is sold. Some banks already have a company they work with, others are thrilled that you have called and saved them 25 minutes to find someone. I don't take these on anymore because i have all of the full service accounts i can handle, but it was a great boost to my business last summer, really helped me pull in the extra income i needed to expand.

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    Exactly...nobody I known likes it when someone randomly knocks on yer door trying to sell you something..

    I personally hate it.
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    That sounds like a good idea about doing the foreclosed properties. You can maybe take that a step further and get in touch with the new homeowner when the property has sold. Tell them you did the prior maintenance and ask if they'd like to keep you on.
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    Am I misreading the numbers here? Are you saying that you've gotten 800 new accounts this year from this marketing strategy!?

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