Door to door advice!!!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by joelslawncare, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Jamie James

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    Before I started cutting lawns I use to drive around with a stump grinder everyday and knock on doors when I came across a stump. I would walk up to the door and say I have done a few stumps in your area and I would ask them if they where interested. I would not shy away from anyone and made eye contact. Within the first minute I could get a feeling if they where interested. I use to remember for every 3 houses or let's say 1 out of 3 I would get a job.

    When I got into lawns it was a different story. I handed out flyers what a joke. I knocked on doors still a joke. Best advertising is word of mouth oh ya and advertising in phone book joke.

    If they don't know you and they never heard of you good luck. Now if they heard of you or someone recommended you then your half way in the door already.

    I also stay humble , don't talk like your the best ever and price right, do a good job and your fine.
  2. Armsden&Son

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    I had stumbled upon this thread once or twice before....

    There is 100%, absolutely, positively, NOTHING wrong with knocking on doors...

    I love the guys that immediately post things like "Well, of course people will hate you, they don't want to be bothered!"

    Well, guess what? For every 4 people that slam the door on me, 4 people will talk to me. And even if I am not making a sale, I am introducing myself and telling folks a little about my business.

    I have done some limited door to door marketing in neighborhoods that I was trying to infiltrate and it has worked out great.
  3. Jamie James

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    I agree with knocking on the door also. Yes I had more then enough doors closed on me but you know what after awhile I did not even care. I would knock on doors all day and after awhile you even laugh at some people. When I was knocking on doors all over southern Ontario I kid you not I had some strange experiences because you meet all types.

    If I go out next week I will knock on any door as long as I don't see toys or play sets (hint) young parents I don't want to waste my time.
  4. douglee25

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    This kind of goes hand in hand with this thread any maybe you will find some something useful from it. With that said, my parents still live in the same neighborhood that I grew up in. When I was a kid say from around age 8 until I was well into college, I would knock on doors during snow storms asking if people were interested in having their property snowblowed. I would get everyone on a rotation and continually hit up everyone's property until the storm stopped. My parents always said I hustled to make a buck, and I was good at it if I do say so myself. With that said, there seems to be a total change in the mindset of young individuals today. With the crazy snow we've had on the East Coast this year, not a single person had knocked on my parent's door to ask if they were interested in having their property snowblowed. The same goes for landscaping services in the summer. My parents both said that even in the summer kids are rarely seen playing outside like we (friends and I) used to do when we were young. My parents said they would be happy to help some kid trying to make a buck despite them being able to take care of their own property. The mindset of people has totally changed. It's a shame when you really think about it.

  5. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    Parents are too scared to let their kids play outside. When I was a kid we just needed to be back by dinner.

    Yes, parents today are stupid. There are the same amount of psycho's out there today as there was when we were kids.
  6. Ray52lawnguy

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    I agree 100% with door to door ,, its been very successful for me over the years !
  7. Utah Lawn Care

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    Will you share the specifics? What services are you selling? What do you say? What time of day works best? Are Saturdays a good time? How many hours do you knock doors for each client received?

    I would love some details like the above if you're up for sharing.
  8. justanotherlawnguy

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    Everyone hates door to door anything! You have zero credibility as that type of salesman.
    Think about it, most people work 9-5 so during the week you automatically miss all those people in your door to door sales. So who's left at home during the day, senior citizens (no thanks), unemployed renters (no thanks), stay at home moms (why bother).
    What quality customer is going to be home for you to market to? None!!
    I've said it a million times before on here, "NOBODY ON THIS SITE IS GOING TO GIVE YOU THE KEYS TO SUCCESS!"
    How do you feel when someone knocks on your door? That's what I thought.
    If your willing to do door to door, you might as well just advertise on Craigslist and save yourself the effort of wasting it going house to house!
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  9. Red beards lawn

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    Man just another lawn guy your having a bad day huh? You know thats just what you beleive right? Most of my clients are seniors. Should I get rid of then. And really if your so down on this site why have you posted over 1200 times. Just wondering bad day or just hate everything. Cheer up man smile.
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    I totally agree and I totally disagree :)

    I never answer the door if someone rings the bell and I don't know them. But lots of people do. Not to mention in most places you need a Peddler's license to do this legally.

    As far as who is home nowadays..... 18 years ago when I started my residential cleaning business probably 3% of the people we worked for were home. Not including stay at home moms. Before I sold it January 1, 2016 probably 50% of the people were working from home. Lots of times both adults worked from home.

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