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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by joelslawncare, Feb 18, 2012.

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    I must be more than dashing because I get answers all the time. I aim for 5 a week and usually hit it. When I dont I know the sales season is coming to an end, usually late may or so. I get a lot more customers going door to door than any other form of marketting, Honestly speaking.
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    I keep hearing the door to door deal does work. I'm going back to.doing all my own door hangers and flyers myself this year. Paid a lady to do some flyers last year and it was my lowest response rate ever.

    Anyhow my.point is if a homeowner is home out side I will.strike.up a.conversation ....that is a.natural flow for me cold knocking on doors....probably not going to happen. I have ideas for certain types of marketing but I don't.want competitors snooping on my posts etc.

    Still need to find easy on the eyes young ladies for what I have I'm mind.
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    I totally agree with Runner! To go "Door 2 Door" takes a different breed, but you will be more successful at the end of the day than someone that spends $100-$500 on flyers and simply broadcasts neighborhoods. I've been in this industry for over 25yrs and have seen it all. The best methods I have seen are simply the "Face to Face" or "Door 2 Door" sales. I do 100% commercial work, so I could spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on flyers and packets. But I don't. I market the surrounding properties to my current customers. What you want is little or "0" windshield time between properties. How do you get that? By knocking on the neighbor's doors... Introducing yourself, your company and your services. Flyers will maybe get you 1-2% return. So for every 100 flyers, you MAY get 1-2 calls. If you close at 50%, you MAY get one of those 2 calls out of the 100 flyers. If you knock on 20 houses, I bet you will get to talk to atleast 10 people, get 10 names and addresses, 10 potential clients to sell your services to. If you can close on only 2 of those 20 houses... well... that's 10% return! Numbers just don't lie. Ask anyone that has been successful in getting into a residential neighborhood. Once they get 1-2 customers, it continues to grow. If I could take one Saturday and knock on 20 houses and get 2+ clients out of it, I'd do it ALL DAY LONG!!! It sure beats driving around and hanging flyers and waisting gas... IMHO!
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    This is a very good topic and I have done it a few times but only picked up one client for only three mowings. Usually during my route if I saw an overgrown yard or person doing own yard work I'd stop and speak or leave card if person wasn't home. The elders usually do not have computer access and still rely on yellow pages for selecting services, but I use cell phone for company phone and I don't pay high dollars just for yellow page ad.

    I remember back in the 80's going door to door to sell items for school functions to peanuts for baseball. Neighbor kids would scout out knocking on doors offering lawn mowing during summer break to mainly the older folks and did get some work. In the winter we'd grab a few shovels and hit the neighborhood again knocking on doors.

    Maybe sticking to the basics is the time tested way.
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    I hit 4 hours worth of door to door knocking today. It is definitely exhausting. Most people will listen. I probably had half a dozen people who were flat out rude. Oh well, that's the name of the game. I think out of the 50-75 customers I hit, two seemed really interested in weekly cuttings, 1 was interested in mulch, and maybe 1 or 2 seemed interested in some sort of work at some point. The rest of the people are a toss up.

    Funny thing is so far this past week I had 3 estimates generated by Craigslist for fairly sizable spring cleanup/landscaping jobs. One job even included a small retaining wall. I need to sit down and bang out these estimates, so I'll have to see what the customer thinks.

  6. CozyHollow

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    I handed out over 500 business post cards this weekend. I ran into a few people who were doing their weekend thing and or just getting home or just leaving...I simply chose NOT TO BOTHER them and as I approached these people and said "EXCUSE ME"! (politely of course). Man you should have seen their faces (like PLEASE DO NOT EVEN TRY and sell me something) But all I chose to do is simply say "How are you? I just wanted to drop this off (as I reached my hand out to hand them my postcard) followed by a confident "Thank You and have a good day"...Man you could feel the atmosphere change immediately! They were SO responsive because I approached them with the attitude of confidence and that I'm not here to sell you anything. 3 of the 7 people I ran into quickly replied (after I said thank you...) Hey, where you located! I would tell them as I was walking slowly away (slightly hesitating) and they said something on the lines of "Good, you're local" or "ok, thank you very much". The last guy I ran into yeaterday I asked "Excuse me, do you cut your own grass?" (he owned about 2/3 acres of land) he immed. said "uhh yea..." and I quickly said "I simply want to drop this off and have a great day" Long story short, he wanted an estimate right on the spot!

    To each their own...everyone MUST DO what they FEEL is best for them. In today's economy and fast paced world I chose to be as nice and confident as possible and quickly remove myself from their space...the respect and gratitude I feel from these people is priceless.

    The reason I choose this approach is because when I'm outside with my kids or me and the wife are sitting out front talking, or whatever I'm doing on MY weekend...the LAST THING I DESIRE is for ANYONE to come up and try and sell me something...personally I DESPISE it. BUT if someone were to approach me and say, "Excuse me, I just wanted to drop this off, thank you". Man I give that person MUCH respect...because if I need what they are offering...there's a number for me to call and I WILL CALL because they didn't TRY and sell me...just sayin' :walking:

    BTW, Good job Doug! Keep the confidence up!
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    500 in a weekend? Wow that is quite bit! Are these houses close together? The average size property in my neighborhoods are around 1/2 to 1 acre properties. There is quite a bit of space between these homes. I was hoofing it and I'm pretty sure I didn't do over 100 in 4 hours.

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    Yesterday I went out 2 different times. The first neighborhood consisted of 1/2 to 2/3rd acre homes. Went to about 75 of them. The second time I went out after coming home and grabbing a bite to eat I went to another section of the neighborhood where the homes consisted of 1/2 acre to 1/3rd acre lots. The majority of homes were pretty much separated by only 1/4 acre space between them. The acreage was pretty much the front and MASSIVE back yards. I would cut right across lawns and hit the porches and stick them either behind the mailboxes or somewhere in the door jams or frames. Hit just over 250 yesterday. I purchased 1000 business post cards from Vista Print for $99.00 and they come in packs of 250. (easy to keep count)

    Today I did just about the same. However I did hit around 100 1/4 acre's crazy cause where I live most of the 1/4 acre homes go for $300,00.00+. I'm very selective when it comes to the 1/4 acre homes. I'll hit around 40 real nice ones then drive a few blocks to another section of the real high priced 1/4 acre homes...again, very selective with those.

    I was gonna stick to nothing but the 1/3rd acre $65.00 per cut homes and larger but today after driving around and seeing the Benzes and Boats, Beamers and Motorcycles parked in the driveways of these smaller homes I thought, what the heck, right! $40.00 is pretty easy money when you can do 15 1/4 acre houses in @8 hours time.

    So out of 4 packs of 250 post cards, I went through 2 packs this weekend and broke open the third pack and planted around 30 or so from the 3rd pack. Yeah, got a couple blisters. One on each foot, different spots tho..:laugh:
  9. douglee25

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    You were killin' it man!

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    DUDE.. You are killing it. I love the motivation and love the approach that you are using basically saying I am here when you need me.. I am not a fan of door to door because what little time I have at home I like spending it with my lady, but if someone said "Hey I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to drop this off in person" then I would respect that a little more. Love the approach and might use it and adjust for my area. Good work and keep it up

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