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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by joelslawncare, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Thanks guys! Made my night! :laugh:

    MyYardPeople, yeah man...take whatever you can from me and critique it to YOUR style!

    THIS IS WHY I came to this site. To fellowship with other business people in our trade. I'll LITERALLY GIVE YOU the shirt off my back if it will HELP anyone because that is how I was raised (actually DOING the COMPLETE opposite of my step dad and real dad, what losers).
    What COMES AROUND most DEF Goes around.

    Oh and Doug, you just might want to try it out as well! You can cover SO MUCH area in less time. The cool thing I like about covering all that area is when people drive by AND walk by you they SEE confidence! They see a guy with a hand full of ads walking door to door. AND you get to smile at those driving by and sometimes wave and simply greet the ones walking by with a nice simple "Hi" or Hello", etc...

    Most people WANT TO KNOW what YOU ARE DOING in their neighborhood...if you carry yourself well, greet the ones walking down the sidewalk or street, look at the people in cars driving by and smile or nod your head...that's HALF the sell!

    Thanks again guys for the encouragement. :)
  2. N.H.BOY

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    This is so true. Ive gotten a few folks in the neighborhood that I see and wave and smile. They have stopped when I was by the road and ask to swing by thier place to give a quote. Most of the time its to high for them, but still they know who I am and still wave.
  3. agent walker

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    door to door always had way better results then ads in the paper for me. I don't like it, but i need work. had one call and gave her a price, and 2 of her neighbors are interested as well, after i talked to them. They see I'm not afraid to work
  4. rywnygc

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    I started with craigslist, moved on to fliers, and then door hangers. None of that crap helped build my company like walking door to door has. In fact, I am going out again today. Last fall I picked up 35 plowing accounts in about 4 days walking door to door. That led to a plow route that consisted of 2 neighborhoods. 22 in one neighborhood alone.

    I have sold door to door for other stuff before. I have sold knives, steaks and vacuums d2d, so if I can sell that garbage, I can really sell service!

    I would agree though, that it isn't for everyone. Honestly, if you are a guy missing teeth and scruffy, your results may not be as great. Then again, I could be wrong about that.

    If you have good material and can talk to people, go for it. If you have a hard time relating to people, or get nervous easily, then it's probably not for you.

    The way I look at it is, they have my money in their pocket; I just have to figure out how to make them willingly give it to me.
  5. zackvbra

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    I have been in lawn care for four years, and I went door to door today. passed out 100 door hangers and got 2 MAYBES from the people that answered the door. that is good in my book.

    and you know what im going to be doing tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and this weekend, even though I get really nervous and Im naturally shy? going door to door and selling, selling, selling until im redfaced from exhaustion.

    Even though Im shy and all, I just tell myself, "your confident, Zack, you can do this. if you want to succeed, you gotta do this. you know you do great work, just be confident and let it flow".

    This is a great thread. I searched for it and thought i would give it a bump. Door to door sales is the original, time tested, bread and butter of marketing in general. Its extremely conveinent for lawn service companys because you can give them an estimate or quote on the spot if they ask.

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    i havent read this entire post, but door to door sales is soliciting. You are abruptly interupting a persons life to offer and sell services. Sure its a great way to meet people, but i would first pass out fliers and then if you get a call, go give that person a quote. If you land that job, then knock on neighbors doors offering them a certain incentive by saying " Your neighbor "bob" at 123 Brown Street just signed up for services with us and we are offering discounts for close by neighbors, would you be interested in a quote"
  7. Ben Bowen

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    Good for you Zack. It will pay off for you!
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  8. goinggreen123

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    the fact of the matter is that yes you will piss some people off but you will get some new clients as well. I have been doing the same joel and have been having the same success rate. I woud say out of about 70 houses I get one client and about 20 of them act upset when I show up. but lets say you get one client with even just a small yard like 30-40 dollars a visit and he wants every other week service thats an extra 80 dollars in you pocket every month and if you do a ton of houses it will keep working man! its working for me and I am going to keep doing it.
  9. douglee25

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    I pissed off maybe 20 people last year but I also sold several $2500 jobs doing door to door sales.

    Worth it in my book.

  10. lawnpropm

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    This is what gets me. All of the nice upscale communities in my area have a "no soliciting" sign at their entrances. Yet I see people in there all the time going door to door. Im wondering if they have a permit or are they just ignoring the signs....
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