Door to door aeration

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  1. WarriorLandscaping

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    Hey guys,

    I have 3 aerators and 3 employees.

    We aerated this Spring with pretty decent success. Did maybe 10 - 20 homes per Saturday for a month.

    How do you feel about door to door aeration?

    Will you strategically select certain neighborhoods in your town? Weekends only?

    We are itching to start, but this will be my first fall door to door attack plan. I have my guys leave a flyer if nobody answers.

    I chose every Saturday from this coming Saturday to November 1st to go door to door with the team, I'm hoping for solid results.
  2. Mark Stark

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    Are you paying the guys regular rates for a full day? With door to door, do they spend more of time canvasing than actually aerating? I'm just curious how your factoring your expenses vs. what you're hoping to pull in revenue wise for the day.

    We still use flyers and we're happy with the results. We just havent tried mixing the door to door with doing the work on the spot.

    Keep us posted on how it goes!
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  3. S-205

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    In the past if I had a little free time and I was cutting in a neighbourhood that I thought would be equitable I would knock on a 10-15 doors. I usually ended up getting 2 or 3 jobs from it that would just pay cash. If I had more time I’m sure I could make awesome money at it. But our regular customers keep us busy enough that we don’t usually have time.
  4. Ohio Landscaper

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    Grab a wheelbarrow for the cash you're about to make if you go door to door. Most people are afraid to, but if you know how to sell aeration to a skeptic, you'll make a couple thousand a day with a single person if you have an stand-on aerator. I make a three day weekend out of it. Door to door for most of it. I emailed my lawn clients and they all went for it as well.

    Just don't be shy and get out there. Most importantly, be confident!
  5. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

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    With these aerations are yall offering seeding as well? I've been balls to the wall this year on aerations but everyone I've done wants seeding. Just curious

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