Door to door cold calls?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawnalbert, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. lawnalbert

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    I recently moved to the northern MD area, very close to the DE and PA state lines.
    I had a landscaping business (basically just lawn maintenance) in SC for a few years prior to the move. It wasn't' the only thing I did so it suited me to keep it pretty small. As a result, I never had to market it .... literally all my customers were through word of mouth or were just people who saw my work and approached me.
    I'm hoping that will work here too but I'd like to jump start it as soon as possible. What I planned to do pretty much immediately was to locate a few somewhat upscale neighborhoods or subdivisions, get out of my truck, and just go door to door talking with folks face to face and leaving my card.
    So I'm asking, as a completely amateur marketer, does this sound like a decent plan? I mean if I could just get 4 or 5 accounts to start, I'd be a happy guy. I know I could sort of evolve it from there to the point that I'd like it to be at, keeping it at a one man operation.
  2. lawnalbert

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    I'm new here and didn't notice the "search" function. I guess this one's been done to death. My mistake.....I'll check before I post in the future. My apologies.
  3. stevenf

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    Dont know about your area but I would never go door to door to speak with the people. I have found that people around here are TERRIFIED of strangers. When I pass out flyers you can tell they are scared to death. Its understandable though because around here, you will get these bums trying to sell you spray carpet cleaners ask to come in, ask for water, can I use your water hose...... and then completely pass up all other houses on your street. These people are freaky.
  4. paul vroom

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    Nothing wrong with getting new advice. There are a lot of new people that are here willing to give fresh perspectives on things like this. I would rather ask them then someone that has been around and says "i remember doing that".

    anyways, I would rather not do cold calls, most people that are home would probably feel like they were being bothered. Maybe you could leave a note asking them to call you if they would like to discuss your services....good luck
  5. topsites

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    Well if all you need is 4 or 5 accounts, why not?
  6. Brown's LC & L

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    I recently started on my own and did this. I've had pretty good luck. I like it better than just leaving a card or flyer. It gives you a chance to meet the person, tell them about yourself, and get a feel for them. If you have any type of people skills at all I would highly recommend this approach, it has been fairly successful for me. The people who were in the market seemed very interested and liked the face to face contact. Those who weren't told me, I thanked them for their time and that was it. In the neighborhood I hit the primary guy has a crews of his less desirable employees run around as fast as they can and leave. No contact or interaction. My approach is a one owner operator business with a more personal feel. I'm not under any delusion these people want to be my friend, but at the same time, it doesn't hurt to say hello, ask how things are going and see if they are needing anything else from you.

    I would definitely practice your intro before you go out though. I also took a clip board with a form I made on it to write down the information on everyone I contacted, what we talked about, the prices I quoted and whether or not them seemed interested. I gave them a card and a flyer with a quote and two coupons, one for %10 off a service of $100 or more and one for 1 free mowing with service agreement. I've done follow up on the ones who were interested and picked up a few jobs.

    Best of luck!
  7. Dave_005

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    every year i have flyers printed up and go around and simply tape them to the front doors. then wait for people to call for estimates. been working great for me
  8. casey humphrey

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    well i found out a good way to market yourself i have done this for years and this works very well this boosted my income by about 25%
    1st make a brochure of your company spend time on this. if this looks nice and professional you will prosper
    2nd make a flier advertising all the services you provide and on the other side of the flier tell tell customer about yourself and your company .like how many years in the biz and what YOU expect from a lawn care biz and so on .. and then you ready do a mass mailing check you local usps and they can help you with the address in the local area i would try to stick to commercial as this is a little more money first year i did this i ended up 8 new properties i only handed out 50 mailings thats is pretty good turn out i think hope this helps you out :cool2:

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