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    Door to door sales is a thing of the past. Whether it is a good looking woman or otherwise I am very leary of anyone on my property. In some of the higher end areas I service you better have a solicitation permit before you start knocking on doors. A better method for getting new business in a neighborhood is to go out on a Saturday or evening to mow. Of course you have to have existing accounts there for that work. Many people are outside milling around during these times. People see your rig and you out mowing. A perfect time to hand out cards to neighbors as they are outside or walking by without the intrusion of knocking on their door. I primarily service all my accounts Tuesday-Friday during the day so I dont see many people during that time. But on occasion I have a rainout or a big mulch job that takes me out on a Saturday it gives me a chance to interact with people I usually do not see.
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    With the weather the way it is, I wouldn't think it would be to early at all. If you are in the market for door hangers or direct mail, check out A'Deas Printing, we have some specials going on that may help get your message out there.. We have some innovative products that help keep your piece in view vs. landing in the yard, etc.. We do have our stick-it product that you can have on your post card, once the customer gets the card they can keep it on their fridge for a reminder if they aren't quite ready but want to keep your info handy. You can get more info at and also at or feel free to call or email myself for more info, i'd be glad to help, my name is Glenda and my number is 1-866-778-4254 or my email is

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