Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kc2006, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. kc2006

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    Has anyone ever used them?

    Their prices are cheap, 10,000 8.5x11 flyers 2 color ink on white paper is 330 dollars. I've been getting prices of $600+ for 16,000.

    How'd you like their work?
  2. mikefromny

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    just got mine last week , great great quality and best price .. worth it im going to start passing all of them out this month get all 10 k out in feb and maybe order another 10 k for march
  3. kc2006

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    Got an email back from them, turns out they aren't as cheap as I thought. 16K is $575 from them. I was expecting maybe 475 tops. I just got a price of 595 local for 2 color on white paper. Waiting for a few more places to call.

    I'll most likely order door hangers from them though, their doorhangers are very cheap.
  4. elshauno

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  5. cochino12

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    I order from them whenever I order hangers, only had a problem once and the owner made sure I was WELL taken care of for the inconvenience. Give them a shot.
  6. Lawnmasters

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    I sent them an Idea, two nights ago, got an email with a sample in the email box this morning. Returned the email with a change, three hours later had the changed hanger emailed to me again. I placed order for 10K. I havent actually used them yet, but I like what I see so far, for two color it's decent.
  7. Need a Little Trim

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  8. Howard Roark

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    You could save a bundle by simply going with postcards, which can also be placed at eye level in the door, rather than below on the knob. has 5000 for $99.

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