Doosan Skids

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AMCAT, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. AMCAT

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    I could wonder if doosan has lot of overstock or what the stroy behind all these new machines is on Iron Planet ;)

    These machines look similar to thomas & yet different seem to have cummins motors in them i wonder if they would be a decent machine,2173
  2. ksss

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    I was also curious. I suspect they are just trying to dump those machines to market the BC machines. The prices I have seen on the ones that have sold have been not much above opening bid price 15-16K. Which for a disposable skid steer is not bad. Run it until the wheel fall off and sell it to a farmer for 6-7 grand it would not be a bad return assuming they work. The machines remind me of an 1845C. I looked at them at ConExpo and they are crude, but your not paying near what a premium brand brings either. If I didn't have to run it and just sent it out with a crew everyday. I might consider buying one, if I had a Doosan dealer somewhat close.
  3. Junior M

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    Ok, not to take this thread off topic, but whats with the teeth on the bucket thats on that Thomas skid? A guy I want to work for has them on his backhoe and I cant see the advantage of them, they look strange..

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