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Discussion in 'Employment' started by Bengreen, Nov 30, 2009.

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    I have talked to many landscapers who say they lose a certain amount of customers each year because they don't over-seed. How do you guys handle this in the winter. Some have said they will actually pay for the initial cost of seed and fertilizer, just to keep the grass growing through the winter. Others have started to offer grass painting as an alternative in the winter as well. I would love to hear what the best solutions to dormant grass, and lost winter work are.
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    The best solutions to dormant grass, and lost winter work are:

    A - Contracted maintenance - get your customers to pay you an average of all cuts each month with a minimum of once/month during winter so you get the same income each month.

    B - Do not recommend over-seeding in the south US. Dormant grass should be dormant without the addition of extra nitrogen, which you will get from either fertilizing from the initial seeding or from cutting the growing grass...

    C - Offer more services. We schedule clean up work to include leaves, debris, hauling, and invasive species control during the winter. Also schedule some build jobs during this time.
    The winter time is the best time to relax and get ready for the next year... Start working on your sales for next year to commercial/industrial clients and plan your year.

    If you have your accounts contracted and you come once a month+ during the winter time, you shouldn't have a problem keeping them for the next year.
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    These may include:

    Snow and Ice Mgt.
    Holiday Decor
    Dormant Pruning

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