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    after further review, i'm of the opinion that it is better to add inoculant for each tank as it goes out. The types of root fungus which benefit moisture and nutrient uptake can only reproduce on the host plant and the powder we add to our liquids consist mostly of dormant spores (as someone had already mentioned)... this is all according to current research.
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    It would be interestting to know if the AM root fungus is spread by innoculant as opposed to to already being there in most soils... somehow it has to get to the root and not be subdued by P apps and possibly fungicide...

    Lots of speculation , but no real answers to those 2 points... :)
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    if you could tell us which inoculant that you are using, there are many that have high P in the mix, I have asked every mycologist that I have ever met that knows about the symbiotic relationship between mycorrhiza and the host and every one has said that P interrupts the plant/host relationship, just a heads up

    Don't use myco inoculants that have P on the label

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