Dormant Seeding in the NorthEast

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by phasthound, Dec 6, 2013.

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    " If you are counting on it to work, then there should also be a contingency plan for project failure."
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    we get good results dormant seeding in February,as long as we have a wet spring or the client is prepared to irrigate.
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    No results so far from the December seed test. 12 inches of snow right now. Hopefully I can seed on top of snow in February (as a test).
    I am running out of ideas of new tests I could do this winter. Inside, I can grow new seed in containers in the window. I can grow tomatoes or marigolds for testing herbicides indoors--used in place of weeds--as no weed seed is being sold.

    Suggestions, anyone? Ideas, theories, or old wives tales that need to be tested?
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    I sowed grass on top 6 inches of snow...over bare garden soil. It was similar to last year's test which was over snow, but in containers outside. Seed was sowed on December 28, 2013, and the temperature was 45 degrees during a brief warm spell. Weather prediction was for temperatures to fall to about 2 degrees F in the next 48 hours, with more snow. The irregular surface of the snow which had melted and thawed slightly caused some unevenness in seed distribution. Seed was Pennington Smart Seed from Home Depot--no doubt blended for Midwest conditions. It is high in perennial rye, and fine fescue. Snow--so no soil preparation. The plot was on bare soil in a garden. It was 13 inches square. I am reserving two similar plots seeded in December on bare soil, before snow, for crabgrass control tests next May.

    Anyone care to predict what will happen?

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  6. RigglePLC

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    I should point out that the soil was not frozen. Coverage with snow apparently prevented freezing of the soil or allowed it to unfreeze. The plastic spoons used to mark the boundaries of the plot were inserted into the soil without difficulty. However, zero degrees is expected within two more days, and the cold spell may last for 5 days. Additional snow is expected during this time. The soil may freeze in the coming cold spell.

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