dose any one flock trees????

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by rscritch, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. rscritch

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    i work with a small garden center selling trees and we just found out today that we have lost our person that had flocked trees for us, due to illness and have been trying to find out some more information on flocking. What we are wanting to know is how much flock goes on a tree, the time invloved in flocking the tree, the time to place branches, put on the stand, basicly were trying to find our cost to flock the trees, we all ready have the trees, got the first truck today just over 400 and weve got two bigger loads comeing in next week so we just need to see the costs invloved in flocking, any help would be great thanks
  2. J Hisch

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    I just know one guy who does it and he is a indivdual. Try ask Jeeves.con
  3. MWM

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    Whats flocking?
  4. grassworks

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    This post really had entertainment potential :D :D it's just too easy...
  5. jd boy

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    what are you flocking talking about? i thought flocking was a thing of the past. used to see a lot of it in the 80's
  6. Joemowz

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    DOSE, or DOES?
  7. marko

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    When you say "lost him", is he out sick, or passed away??? If he sick and unable to get around anymore, go visit and buy the equip. from him. If he is passed, tell them, "why do you want it flocked???" "Thats so 80's"
  8. grassworks

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    I might be willing to come up there and "flock'em" if the money is good. I'm not proud of this but work is slow round here and christmas is coming up. Let me know what qualifications you need. This is not an attempt to lowball or be a "scrub" flocker as I do this part time "flocking" as good as most Full time Pro's. Nice equipment....

    (after a google search for those of us who are ignorent to the graceful art)
    Although much less popular than in the 1980s, fluffy white flocking is sometimes sprayed on trees before decorating to simulate snow. While real snow settles in clumps atop branches, flocking is often sprayed all over the tree from the sides. While this is rather unrealistic, it still adds to the effect of a wintry fantasy. Flocking can be done with a professional sprayer at a tree lot (or the manufacturer if it is artificial), or at home from a spray can, and either can be rather messy. This tradition seems to be limited mostly to the United States.
  9. sunnysunrise

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    I think that is a personal question.....but I would not put it past some of those counrty

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