DOT entrapment or not ?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Marek, Jul 29, 2014.

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    I am sorry for your loss and injuries, but your loss does not mean my Constitutional rights should be violated. It was God's will that she died and you didn't. And that it happened. Nothing can change it.

    Besides, a cracked air hose can happen at any time, inspections or not.

    Annual vehicle inspections are a scam and a waste. They are a snapshot in time. A truck can get 100,000 or a million miles between annual inspections. Brand new things break within a month or two. Anything can go wrong, even directly after an inspection, metal fatigue or something not visible to the mechanic.

    Annual inspections are a feel good progressive action that do nothing in reality, but make it appear like the gov't cares and is doing something.
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    Mark thanks on the condolence.

    Commercial, as the name means any vehicle that is used in trade. In CA, Pick Up trucks automatically are considered a commercial vehicle and is plated and charged as such. The only way to get around this if you have a camper permently attached, then is considered a personal RV. Boils down to is what you pay in weight fees and tax.

    So if a DUI check point is not constitutional, why are they done in every state then? Remember, driving is a privilege that is regulated. Not a born right.

    Again, the random safety check points do work. I just disagree with having to pay somebody already getting paid my taxes to do a job that they should be doing in the first place.

    I forget what state you live in, but come to a state where you get N.A.F.T. A. drivers in and you'll be happy that they do random safety checks on tractor trailer

    I don't deny that some of our rights have been whittled away. However, that just explains that the a lot of society doesn't know how to reason and cant or wont make their own opinions even if they are right or wrong. it is always follow the leader regardless if an elephant or a donkey.
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    I live in Michigan. DUI checkpoints are not performed in this state because our AG ruled them unconstitutional. There's quite a few states that do not allow them.

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