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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by wellbuilt, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Well my neighbor hood NY state DOT stop ed me for a spot inspection today. My truck is registered gvw is 16,000lbs my trailers registered gvw is 10,000 trailer & minnie EX = 10,000 There is a 12000lb sticker on the trailer because it has 2 6000lb axles The guy gives me a ticket for driving out of class. No CDL WTF ? When i traded up to a larger truck i asked about this at motorvehicle and they changed all my trailers from 12000lb to 10000lb and sent me down the road . This is the only trailer i have with stickers . the others just have a vin # stamped in the steel . The title has no registered weight on it . I called the trailer guys to day and they are going to tear off a new sticker with my vin # and the 10000lb tag and i can take it to court with me . The cop put me out of service . What do i do with my older trailers with no tags . I need to get a CDL but i dont really have the time now. I try to do every thing the write way. John
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    Sorry to hear about it. I think this situation you described is going to get very common. I would love to see some black and white CDL or non-CDL rules instead of the mess we have now.
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    Just get a damn CDL and be done with it!!

    How many times do we need to read about this, someone doesn't understand the rules governing towing over 10,000+ pounds and the regulations surrounding the right type of license, just get a freaking CDL and be done with it forever! Then all you need to worry about is the right registration on your vehicles.

    I got my Class 1 over a year ago and I have never been hassled by anyone over my weights and if one of our gravel truck owners we hire calls in sick, I can fill in for them.

  4. AWJ Services

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    If you add a 10k sticker to the trailer and he pulls the scales and you are over that then your screwed.

    I also wonder what they will do when you show up for your CDL test in a F550 and 6 ton trailer?
  5. wellbuilt

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    My skid and EX both are under the 10000 lbs with the trailer P+ I have a safety factor with 10% of the load on the truck . I have my eye on a yanmar VIO 50 but i would have to upgrade my truck and trailer. Im thinking about a F800 with a 26000lb trailer for the skid & my new EX But with no work There is no need for the new toys . I really like my 8000lb EX and its good for now.I rent out dump trailers and only one of them has a manufacture sticker. It was blank when i bought it I had to fill it in. I guess i could just change the 12 000 to a 10, 000 whats the difference one way or the other, I could run 12000lb axles and rubber on a 10000lb trailer. I feel safer that way . Its the same trailer ? I could take the road test with my truck and trailer but i would be restricted to this rig . I have a few friends that would let me use there truck and trailer for the test but i feel funny about asking .If something were to happen we would both be out of work . For now i have a driver to pull dumpsters and haul me around or i could use my ford excursion . I'm going to give the manual a few reads to day and try to pass the test in the morning .
  6. Dirt Digger2

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    i agree you need the really isn't that hard, especially with a small truck and trailer

    the DOT doesn't give a damn about what the stickers say, they will look at the stamped axle or tounge every time...i am pretty sure de-rating your trailer only affects registration costs.
  7. Dirt Digger2

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    unless that truck has a regular transmission, and not a girly auto-shift....HAHA
  8. Gravel Rat

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    The biggest thing with the DOT or CVSE is don't get too mouthy these guys can be real pain in your azz when they get on a power trip.

    I agree you guys should get a CDL you do have the stupid 26,000gvw law which we don't have here. In B.C. thou you do need to go to the DMV and get a endorsement on your license for a trailer that has a gross weight of 10,000lbs or more.

    The CVSE inspectors have been after landscapers in Vancouver for pulling overweight trailers and not having the proper insurance etc.

    I only have a class 3 license it allows me to drive a straight truck any size on air or any combination vehical on juice brakes. I never did go for my class 1 because 12 years ago I didn't need it and today I don't need it. I have no real need to pull trailers with air brakes.

    Here in B.C. you can't get a class 1 (A) license with a truck that is on juice brakes. If it has a automatic transmission your restricted to automatic equiped trucks. You have to take your test with a tractor and trailer they don't allow or want a test done on a dump truck and tag trailer. It has to be a tractor pulling a flatdeck or van.

    To go to a driving school your looking at 2500 dollars to get a class 1 (A) license.
  9. wellbuilt

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    Yea its a bummer to go thru the trouble of taking the test getting the med card and still not being able to drive any thing . I was thinking of just packing it in. I don't really have any work till spring and don't plan on doing much hauling . Plus i know 4of 5 guys that could pull my 12000lb dumpsters to and from the site . I could use a 10000lb trailer for the winter my self. Ive been studying the written test on line and could probably pass the test tomorrow . Ive been driving trucks all my life and manage to get to the freakin job with out splashing coffee all over the dash board and knocking down two many poles. The manufacturer is willing to send me out a new certificate of origin to make the trailer 10,000lbs . I have no paper work that says that the trailer is 12000 lbs It just tells me how much the unladen weight is.. My vin # is a sticker? I can order 10000lbs trailer with heavier 12000lb axles and rubber. after all if they ran me over the scale my trailer would be under 10 000lbs and my truck would be 10000 =20000 whats the big deal .If i am over 10,000 i know I'm dead ether way .
  10. bobcat_ron

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    Get a CDL and you can always drive a bigger truck and no trailer, haul everything on it instead of the trailer.

    But in short, get a CDL, after all, you're not a pussy are you!?!?!?

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